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Ellen M. Immergut

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Recent publications

Ellen M. Immergut and Simone M. Schneider, “Is it unfair for the affluent to be able to purchase “better” healthcare? Existential standards and institutional norms in healthcare attitudes across 28 countries,” Social Science & Medicine,

Immergut, E. (2018), ‘Welfare State Futures: What Role for Solidarity?’, State of the Union Adress, EUI, BUYINGTIME Florence

Abou-Chadi, Tarik and Ellen M. Immergut (2018) “Recalibrating Social Protection: Electoral Competition and the New Partisan Politics of the Welfare State” European Journal of Political Research, DOI: 10.1111/1475-6765.12308.

Burlacu, Diana, Ellen M. Immergut, Maria Oskarson and Björn Rönnerstrand (2018) “The Politics of Credit Claiming: Rights and Recognition in Health Policy Feedback” Social Policy & Administration 52 (4), 880-894.

Ellen M. Immergut, “Welfare State Futures: Supporting Solidarity in Europe,”

EUI RSCAS PP; 2019/09; Special Edition for the EP Elections 2019, URI:, ISSN: 1830-1541





Recent and Current Research Projects

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Project Title: NORFACE – Welfare State Futures

Project Holder: Ellen M. Immergut | Scientific Programme Coordinator

Project Description:

Professor Ellen M. Immergut is Scientific Programme Coordinator for the research programme Welfare State Futures (WSF). As Scientific Programme Coordinator, she works to bring together researchers within and outside the programme, to increase the networking, capacity building and impact of the programme.  Welfare State Futures (WSF) is a major transnational research programme launched by the New Opportunities for Research Funding Agency Co-operation in Europe (NORFACE) in 2014. The programme features a Europe-wide network of researchers gathered around fifteen different projects and provides innovative research designed to ask, and answer, fundamental questions about the design, delivery and experience of welfare in the 21st century from a variety of perspectives and disciplines.

Expiry: June 2019


Project Title: HEALTHDOX - The Paradox of Health State Futures

Project Holder: Ellen M. Immergut | Project Leader

Project Description:

HEATHDOX (The Paradox of Health State Futures) investigates the current political determinants and policy consequences of post-1989 European health reforms. The end of the cold war was a turning point for many European health systems, with many post-socialist transition countries privatizing their state-run health systems, and many West and Southern European health systems experimenting with new public management and other market-oriented health reforms. The aim of the project is to document the policy changes that have taken place over the course of the 1990s and through the first decade and a half of the 21st century, and to evaluate the consequences of these reforms for health care provision, and especially, how these changes in the public-private mix in health affect individual attitudes towards the health system. HEALTHDOX comprises seven country teams in six countries (Estonia, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden) and has established a cooperative network comprised of researchers from all 28 European Union nations, as well as selected neighboring and accession candidate countries.

Expiry: August 2018


Project Title: The Impact of Electoral Vulnerability on Institutional Change: Recalibrating Public Policies in the Areas of Pensions, Agriculture and Citizenship

Project Holder: Ellen M. Immergut | Principal Investigator

Project Description:

International and domestic developments— both economic and ideational—create challenges for contemporary democracies, such as adapting their welfare states, recalibrating their agricultural policies, and reacting to the phenomenon of growing numbers of immigrants. Such policy recalibration poses a distinct problem for democracy, because recalibration entails a reallocation of resources and recognition from established interests and influential voters to newly mobilizing voters and interests. Thus, we have reason to believe that electoral pressure and political competition might affect the ability of governments to recalibrate public policies. The purpose of this project is two-fold.  First examine the variance in legislative responses to these challenges across nations, across time, and across policy areas. Second, we develop a robust measure of the electoral vulnerability of politicians that incorporates both features of political institutions and political competition so as to be able to include the factor of electoral vulnerability in analyses of the political determinants of public policies.

Expiry: December 2017


Project Title: EUROFORT – Fortress Europe? How the Rest of the World Affects European Integration

Project Holder: Ellen M. Immergut | Director, Sophie Meunier (Princeton University) | Co-Director

Project Description:

The European Union (EU) is the unique exemplar of a collective of states which enjoys both supra-national powers and binding procedures for democratic decision-making. Yet in spite of its remarkable accomplishments over more than fifty years, the EU is now in crisis. It is challenged, as perhaps never before, to develop internal cohesion and solidarity while simultaneously opening up its borders in a globalizing world. This creates both opportunities and challenges for Europe. Will the pressures from the rest of the world turn the EU into a fortress, to be built in order to resist change? The program has provide seed money for research collaboration for faculty and advanced graduate students who through research address the above, summer research grants and short field research grants  for early doctoral researchers, as well as MA and BA students working on their senior thesis.

Expiry: 2016


Project Title: Health and Welfare in the 21st Century

Project Holder: Ellen M. Immergut

Project Description:

This structured doctoral program aims to prepare young scholars to take the initiative in developing the next generation of basic research and theory-building on the welfare state. We are specifically seeking researchers that are prepared to apply a global perspective and to undertake pioneering research on the welfare state, and that are willing to enlarge their social scientific perspective to include historical and intercultural dimensions

Expiry: September 2017


Project Title: POLISDATO (Polis Data Tool) – Social Science Data for everyone: an intuitive, interactive and user-friendly dashboard interface

Project Holder: Ellen M. Immergut

Project Description:

This projects' aim is to develop an intuitive, interactive and user-friendly dashboard interface for the visualization, application and evaluation of political data acquired in our research projects. This data visualization tool will provide access to our research data for experts and layman alike and offer opportunities for research and teaching.

Expiry: June 2017 


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