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Hanspeter Kriesi

Research Projects

Hanspeter Kriesi  has served as the president of the group of experts for the Priority program "Demain la Suisse" of the Swiss National Science Foundation (1995-2003) and as a member of the scientific board of the WZB-Berlin (1994-2002).  He has been a visiting professor at Cornell University (1994-95) and at the WZB-Berlin (2000-2001). At the University of Zurich, he has directed the CIS - the Centre for comparative and international studies (2002-2005), as well as the Swiss national competence centre for research on democracy - the NCCR-Democracy (2005-2012).

  • The ERC research programme POLCON will assess the contemporary development of European democracies and the politicization of the European integration process in the shadow of the Great Recession which started with the breakdown of Lehman Brothers in Autumn 2008 and is still ongoing. To grasp the political consequences of the economic crisis, the project proposes a combination of a comparative-static analysis of thirty European countries and a dynamic analysis of political conflict in a selected number of cases. It intends to link the study of elections to the study of political protest, covering Western, Southern as well as Central and Eastern European countries. For this purpose, the project will be based on survey data and on an original content analysis of protest events, election campaigns, and issue-specific public contestation across territorial levels and political arenas.

  • MEDW: Making Electoral Democracy Work. A research project on electoral democracy directed by André Blais (Université de Montreal), where Hanspeter Kriesi directs the study of the Swiss cantonal and national elections in the Cantons of Zurich and Lucerne. The project starts from the idea that the specific institutional make up of the different elections has a decisive impact on the parties'strategies as well as on the voters' behaviour.

  • The European citizens' understanding and evaluation of democracy: There are major concerns in our days about the apparent dissatisfaction that affects most of the European democracies and its causes. However, until now, no study has provided specific data on citizens' attitudes about democracy in Europe. This project concerns Europeans' perceptions of democracy. It has introduced a module of questions into the ESS, round 6, which will go into the field in fall 2012. It systematically asks about the meaning of different aspects of democracy as well as about their evaluations by the European citizens in East and West. By comparing meaning and evaluation, it will be able to assess the satisfaction of the Europeans with the kind of democracy they have in their nation-states.

  • Restructuring conflict in Western Europe: in collaboration with a team directed by Edgar Grande at the University of Munich, this large scale research project has studied the transformation of West European party systems under the impact of the mobilization of the new populist right. Its main thesis is that these new challengers articulate a new cleavage between globalization winners and losers. The project has been more or less completed, but is followed up by a related study of the politicization of the European Union.


Current Supervisees:

Altiparmakis Argyrios Political Conflict in Southern Europe: New Cleavages, Parties and Protests

Damhuis, Koen Understanding the rise of the Eurosceptic right

Borbath Endre When the System Crumbles: The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Central and Eastern European Party System Institutionalization

Bremer Bjoern Austerity from the Left: Explaining the Fiscal Policies of Social Democratic Parties in Response to the Great Recession

Buergisser Reto The Politics of Distributive Conflicts in Labor Market Reforms

Gessler Theresa A Sense of Crisis: Can Discourses Explain Differences in Citizens' Responses to the Crisis?

Hunger Sophia The moral, the merrier? The role of populist parties in moralising public discourse in Europe

Klein Ofra The politicisation of cultural issues online; The framing of migration, Islam and European integration on populists right-wing Facebook pages in Western-Europe

Malet Giorgio European Integration and National Electoral Politics: A Comparative Study of Change in the Dimensional Structure of Western European Party Systems

Paxton Fred The Radicalising Influence of Populist Radical Right Local Governments in Different European Contexts

Schulte-Cloos Julia The First-Order Effects of Second-Order Elections. European Disintegration, Challenger Parties, and Support for the Populist Right

Shilov, Lev Participatory Budgeting in Russian Regions: Administration, Civil Society and Public Debate 

Skulkin Igor Why OIncumbents Survive? Authoritarian Dominance and Regime Persistence in Russia

Sztajdel Agnieszka How the Media Frames Political Issues: The Case of the Smolensk Disaster. Frame Analysis of Political Magazines

Vidal Lorda Guillem Unemployment - Democracy's Worst Enemy? Political Disaffection and the Economic Crisis in Southern Europe

Wang Chendi Resistance against socio-economic policies under Great Recession---Conditions, Actors and Arenas

Widman Tobias Refugees in the Media: The Diffusion of Refugee Frames in Three European Countries

Former Supervisees

ARES ABALDE Macaena, Assistant, Department of Poltiical Science, Univ Zurich

CASTELLI GATTINARA DI ZUBIENA Pietro, is assistant professor (post-doctoral fellow), at C-Rex, Univ. Oslo

COLOMBO Céline, post-doctoral researcher, (Oberassistentin) Univ. Zurich

DENNISON James, research fellow, EUI/RSCAS, Migration Policy Center

HERNANDEZ PEREZ Enrique, Postdoctoral Researcher Departament de Ciència Política, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) 

KUEBLER Johanne, post-doc

LILJEQVIST Nina The asymmetrical effect of European integration on national parliaments: A view from inside the Swedish Riksdag, current position: official Swedish Parliament

MICHEL Elie Scientific Officer of the National Center of Competence in Research –The Migration-Mobility Nexus (NCCR)

PALACIOS Irene post-doctoral fellow

RATHGEB Philip Since October 2016, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Policy Analysis and Political Theory, University of Konstanz

SALO Sanna is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University

VOSS Kristian, post-doc

WITAJEWSKA BALTVILKA Baiba, post-doc, started working as External Researcher on the project "Party Competition on Climate Change", commissioned by the Institute of Structural Research at Warsaw

Selected Publications



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