Part-Time Professors


Daniele CARAMANI (Univ. St. Gallen)

Daniele Caramani

Daniele Caramani's research includes work on elections and electoral systems, state formation and nation-building, comparative methods, European integration, regionalism, and GIS cartography. He is the author of the book and CD-ROM Elections in Western Europe since 1815: Electoral Results by Constituencies (Palgrave 2000) and has been awarded the "Stein Rokkan Prize" for The Nationalization of Politics (Cambridge University Press 2004). He has authored Introduction to the Comparative Method with Boolean Algebra (Sage, "Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences" 2009) and edits the textbook Comparative Politics (Oxford University Press 2011)

Period of stay: Jan-Jun 2013

D. Caramani will offer a seminar on "Political Representation"

Stephen HOLMES (NYU)

Stephen HolmesResearch Themes: Defense Against Transnational Terrorism Within the Bounds of Liberal Constitutionalism - Emergency Powers - The Disappointments of Democracy and Economic Liberalization After Communism - The History of European Liberalism

Period of Stay: May 2013, May 2014

Teaching of masterclasses on Machiavelli and Ibn Khaldun

Ferdinand MÜLLER-ROMMEL (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg)


Research themes: Party Government in Liberal Democracies, Institutional Changes and Patterns of Democracy, Leadership, Political Personalities and Democratic Performance

Period of stay: Sept 2012 - Mar 2013


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