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The Stein Rokkan Chair


Stein Rokkan Chair in Comparative Politics

SteinRokkanThe agreement between Norway and the European University Institute, signed in September 2005 on the occasion of the EUI Conferring Ceremony, was designed to strengthen the existing agreement of co-operation in relation to our doctoral and post-doctoral programmes, as well as in the field of research.

An important innovative element of this agreement consisted in the setting up and funding of a Chair in Comparative Politics by the Research Council of Norway. This Chair has been named after the great Norwegian sociologist, Stein Rokkan.  

Prof. Mark Franklin  of Trinity College, Connecticut, was appointed to this Chair for the Academic Years 2006-2011.

Prof. Hanspeter Kriesi of University of Zurich, we appointed to this Chair for the Academic Years 2012-2020.

Prof. Simon Hix of The London School of Economics and Political Science has been appointed to this Chair as of September 2021.


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