The Swiss Chair on Federalism and Democracy

This Chair has been made available by the generosity of the Swiss Federal Office for Education and Science.

During an initial period of two years, Professors Alexander Trechsel (2002/03) and Juerg Steiner (2003/04) held this chair on a part-time basis.

In 2004, the profile of the Chair was extended to focus on both topics of federalism and democracy on a full-time basis.

From January 2005 till August 2016 the Swiss Chair was held by Prof. Alexander Trechsel.

Since January 2018, the Swiss Chair is held by Professor Elias Dinas. One important innovation for the Swiss Chair is that it has as of 2018 become also linked to the Graduate Institute in Geneva. Accordingly, Prof. Dinas retains an active teaching presence and research collaboration with the Graduate Institute.





Page last updated on 08 April 2021

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