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Methods and Advisers

EUI is an exclusive (small) research institution, offering a high-quality Ph.D. programme in four disciplines (political philosophy and theory, political science, sociology, and international relations).

Faculty members are selected on substantive grounds, all operating at the methodological vanguard in their areas of specialization.

Altogether, the SPS department makes up for a cross-disciplinary environment with a strong commitment to:

  • Puzzle- or question-driven research
  • Methodological pluralism. 

As a consequence of the small and selective substantive and makeup of the faculty, the SPS department does not have a professorial chair in methods, but each professor is specialized in a range of social science research methodologies. 

Read more on the methodological pluralism.



 Methods and  Adviser
Actor-centered Institutionalism (Stefano Bartolini, Philipp Genschel, Klarita Gërxhani, Anton Hemerijck, Ellen Immergut)
Agent-based computational models (Arnout van de Rijt)
Applied Normative and Comparative Analysis of Public Policies (Anton Hemerijck, Ellen Immergut)
Comparative and Historical Case Studies (Dorothee Bohle, Philipp Genschel, Anton Hemerijck, Ellen Immergut, Ulrich Krotz)
Comparative Cross-National Research (Dorothee Bohle, Anton Hemerijck, Ellen Immergut)
Comparative Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Analysis (Ulrich Krotz)
Concept Analysis (Stefano Bartolini, Ellen Immergut, Andrea Sangiovanni)
Demography and demographic methods (Juho Härkönen)
Event History Analysis (Fabrizio Bernardi, Juho Härkönen)
Experimental Methods (Klarita Gërxhani, Arnout van de Rijt)
Interviewing Elites (Dorothee Bohle, Hanspeter Kriesi)
Longitudinal and life course analysis (Juho Härkönen, Arnout van de Rijt)
Multilevel Analysis (Hanspeter Kriesi, Juho Härkönen)
Normative Political Theory (Andrea Sangiovanni)
Operationalization Procedures in Different Methodological Traditions (Stefano Bartolini)
Panel Analysis (Fabrizio Bernardi, Juho Härkönen)
Plan B: When Methodology does NOT seem to work (Olivier Roy)
Process Tracing (Dorothee Bohle, Philipp Genschel, Anton Hemerijck, Ellen Immergut, Ulrich Krotz)
Protest Event Analysis (Hanspeter Kriesi)
Qualitative & Ethnographic Methods (Ulrich Krotz, Olivier Roy)
Quantitative Content Analysis (Hanspeter Kriesi)
Questionnaire Design (Klarita Gërxhani, Hanspeter Kriesi)
Research Design (Fabrizio Bernardi, Stefano Bartolini, Dorothee Bohle, Philipp Genschel, Klarita Gërxhani, Juho Härkönen, Anton Hemerijck, Ellen Immergut, Hanspeter Kriesi, Ulrich Krotz, Andrea Sangiovanni, Arnout van de Rijt)
Social Network Analysis (Arnout van de Rijt)
Statistical Methods (Fabrizio Bernardi, Juho Härkönen, Arnout van de Rijt )
Statistical Models and Causal Inference (Fabrizio Bernardi, Juho Härkönen, Arnout van de Rijt)
Survey Research and Analysis (Fabrizio Bernardi, Klarita Gërxhani, Hanspeter Kriesi)
The Time Dimension in Comparative Research (Stefano Bartolini)

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