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Theses Defended in the SPS Department


For theses in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, please consult the EUI Publications Repository, Cadmus. The Library keeps a copy of all Ph.D. theses defended at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Unless specifically requested by the author, a copy of a Ph.D. thesis may be taken out on loan.


Rutger BIRNIE (NL)

BirnieTitle: The Ethics and Politics of Deportation in Europe

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Supervisor), Matthew Gibney (Oxford University), Jennifer Welsh (EUI), Iseult Honohan (UCD Dublin)

Thesis defended on 19 February 2019, Bio & Abstract


potrait_bjoernTitle: Austerity From the Left. Explaining the Fiscal Policies of Social Democratic Parties in Response to the Great Recession

Jury; Dorothee Bohle (EUI), Herbert Kitschelt (Duke University), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI) (Supervisor), Jonas Pontusson (Univ. Geneva) (by videolink)

Thesis defended on 15 March 2019, Bio & Abstract

Adrienne de RUITER (NL)

De RuiterTitle: Dehumanisation and Moral Silencing. A normative account with illustrations from the refugee crisis 

Jury: Jennifer Welsh (EUI, Supervisor), Andrea Sangiovanni (EUI), Nick Vaughan-Williams (University of Warwick) (via videolink), Bert van den Brink (Utrecht University)
Thesis defended on 15 January 2019, Bio & Abstract


Sergiu_LTitle: Similar Challenges, Different Outcomes? The Development of Political Finances Regimes in Post-Communist Space

Jury: Stefano Bartolini (EUI, supervisor), Dorothee Bohle (EUI), Ingrid van Biezen (Leiden University), Marcin Walecki (OSCE/ODIHR)

Thesis defended on 12 April 2019, Bio & Abstract


Limberg_Julian_eventsTitle: Of Banks and Budgets. How Financial Crises Shaped the Modern Tax State

Jury: Prof. Philipp Genschel (EUI, supervisor), Prof. Anton Hemerijck (EUI), Prof. Kenneth F. Scheve (Stanford University), Prof. Laura Seelkopf (University of Munich)

Thesis defended on 17 May 2019, Bio & Abstract

Tobias TESCHE (DE)

Institutional Response to the Euro crisis

Jury: Philipp Genschel (EUI, supervisor), Adrienne Héritier (EUI), C. Randall Henning (American University Washington D.C.), Manuela Moschella (Scuola Normale Superiore)

Thesis defended on 13 May 2019, Bio & Abstract


Elisa VOLPI (IT)

Elisa VolpiTitle: The Politics of Turning Coat. A Comparative and Historical Analysis of Party Switching 

Jury: Stefano Bartolini (EUI, supervisor), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI), Nathalie Giger (University of Geneva), Richard S. Katz (Johns Hopkins University)

Thesis defended on 3 May 2019, Bio & Abstract


Patrice WANGEN (BE)

Patrice WangenTitle: Framing National Interest. How Media Discourses Influence Western Policy Agendas Towards Foreign Armed Conflicts

Jury: Jennifer Welsh (EUI, Supervisor), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI), Keith Krause (Graduate Institute Geneva), Jutta Weldes (University of Bristol)

Thesis defended on 23 April 2019, Bio & Abstract


WeisskircherTitle: Animal Liberation? The History, Contemporary Network, and Impact of Animal Rights Activism in Europe

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI/SNS, Supervisor), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI), Clare Saunders (University of Exeter, via videolink), James Jasper (CUNY Graduate Center) (in absentia)

Thesis defended on 14 May 2019, Bio & Abstract

Alkistis ZAVAKOU (GR)

AlkistisTitle: How Labour Market Institutions in European Welfare Capitalisms Affect Labour Market Transitions

Jury: Hans-Peter Blossfeld (EUI/University of Bamberg, supervisor), François Rycx (ULB, co-supservisor), Anton Hemerijck (EUI), Manos Matsaganis (Politecnico di Milano)

Thesis defended on 22 February 2019, Bio & Abstract





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