Theses Defended in the SPS Department


For theses in the Department of Political and Social Sciences, please consult the EUI Publications Repository, Cadmus. The Library keeps a copy of all Ph.D. theses defended at the Department of Political and Social Sciences.

Unless specifically requested by the author, a copy of a Ph.D. thesis may be taken out on loan.



Eleonora MILAZZO (IT)

Milazzo_PhotoTitle: Interstate solidarity and responsibility shirking in refugee protection. A normative approach to justice among EU member states

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI) (Supervisor), Jennifer Welsh (formerly EUI, McGill University) (Co-supervisor), Matthew Gibney (Oxford University), Sarah Fine (King’s College London)

Thesis defended on 13 January 2021 (via video), Bio & Abstract


PLAVGO IlzeTitle: Education for all, graduation for some. Trends and determinants of intergenerational educational inequality in sub-Saharan Africa 

Jury: Julia A. Behrman (Northwestern University), Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI) (Supervisor), Juho Härkönen (EUI), Ricardo Sabates (University of Cambridge)

Thesis defended on 9 March 2021 (via video), Bio & Abstract


POLESCHUK, Svetlana Title: Academic careers in a rapidly changing world: Biographies of academics who stayed or left Belarus after 1991

Jury: Hans-Peter Blossfeld (EUI) (Supervisor), Klarita Gërxhani (EUI), Adél Pásztor (Newcastle University), Maria Yudkevich (National Research University Higher School of Economics)

Thesis defended on 19 February 2021 (via video), Bio & Abstract


Seidl Timo PhotoTitle: Ideas, Politics, and Technological Change. Essays on the Comparative Political Economy of Digital Capitalism

Jury: Dorothee Bohle (EUI) (Supervisor), Anton Hemerijck (EUI), Anke Hassel (Hertie School), Andrea Herrmann (Utrecht University)

Thesis defended on 29 January 2021 (via video), Bio & Abstract

Vegard H. TØRSTAD (NO)

Tørstad-Vegard-(NOR)Title: After Reform: Procedural Justice and the Legitimacy of International Institutions 

Jury: Jennifer Welsh (Supervisor, Mc Gill University / formerly EUI), Philipp Genschel (EUI), Daniel Naurin (University of Oslo /Göteborg) and Jonas Tallberg (Stockholm University)

Thesis defended on 22 January 2021 (via video), Bio & Abstract


Chendi WANG (CHN)

Wang newTitle: Political Multiplier Effects of Austerity Explaining the Contention in Different Arenas under the Great Recession

Jury: Philipp Genschel (EUI/RSC), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI) (Supervisor), Thomas Sattler (University of Geneva), Stefaan Walgrave (University of Antwerp) 

Thesis defended on 09 February 2021 (via video), Bio & Abstract



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