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Theses Defended in 2010



Amr AdlyTitle: "The Political Economy of Trade and Industrialization Turkey and Egypt in the Post-Liberalization Era"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI) (Supervisor), Robert Springborg (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey) (External Supervisor) (via phonelink), Sven Steinmo (EUI), Terry Karl (Stanford University) (via phonelink)

Thesis defended on 14 September 2010, Bio & Abstract


Balcells_newTitle: "Re-thinking the Political: Political Theory and the Pursuit of Stability (A liberal republican perspective)"

Jury: Christine Chwaszcza (University of Cologne, formely EUI) (Supervisor), Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Co-Supervisor), Richard Bellamy (UCL, School of Public Policy), Joan Vérges-Gifra (University of Girona, Spain)

Thesis defended on 6 February 2010, Bio & Abstract


ClaraBrandiTitle: "Socioeconomic Justice Beyond Borders: The World Trade Organization and the Scope and Site of Principles of Justice"

Jury: Christine Chwaszcza (University of Cologne, formely EUI) (Supervisor), Rainer Bauböck (EUI) (Co-supervisor), David Miller (Nuffield College, Oxford), Carolyn Deere-Birkbeck (University College, Oxford)

Thesis defended on 10 September 2010, Bio & Abstract

Christian BÜGER (DE)

Christian Bueger

Title: "The New Spirit of Technocracy? Ordering Practice in United Nations Peacebuilding"

Jury: Gunther Hellmann (Univ. Frankfurt), Friedrich V. Kratochwil (EUI) (Supervisor), Iver Neumann (Norwegian Institute of Int. Affairs), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS)

Thesis defended on 3 December 2010, Bio & Abstract


Andrea CalderaroTitle: "Digital Politics Divide: The Digital Divide in Building Political e-Practices"

Jury: R. Michael Alvarez (California Institute of Technology), Jan A.G.M. van Dijk (Univ. Twente), Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (in absentia),  Alexander Trechsel (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 24 September, 2010  Bio & Abstract 

Cornelius CAPPELEN (NO)

CappelennewTitle: "Responsibility, Equality and Unemployment Insurance"

Jury: Christine Chwaszcza (University of Cologne, formely EUI) (Supervisor), Jaap Dronkers (Maastricht University, formerly EUI), Stein Kuhnle (University of Bergen and Hertie School of Governance, Berlin), Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen)

Thesis defended on 12 February 2010, Bio & Abstract



Title: "The Political Impact of the EU's International Trade: EU Trade Power, Policy and Influence"

Jury: Marise Cremona (EUI, Law Department), Christopher Hill (University of Cambridge), Erik Jones (Johns Hopkins, Bologna), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 18 January 2010, Bio & Abstract


Helena CarrapiçoTitle: "The European Union and Organized Crime. The Securitization of Organized Crime and its Embedment in the Construction of a ris-based Security Policy"

Jury: Monica den Boer (VUA/Police Academy), Jef Huysmans (Open University), Friedrich Kratochwil (EUI) (Supervisor), Sven Steinmo (EUI)

Thesis defended on 14 June, 2010, Bio & Abstract


ChaignotTitle: "Esclavages et modernités: la servitude volontaire comme problématique du capitalisme contemporain"
Jury: Eve Chiapello (Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Paris), Christophe Dejours (Convervation Nationale des Arts et Metiers, Paris), Marie-Ange Moreau (EUI), Peter Wagner (formerly EUI/Univ. Trento) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 22 May 2010, Bio & Abstract


Del GiorgioTitle: "What has happened to the Women’s Movement?: Organisational Dynamics and Trajectories of Feminist Organisations in Milan and Berlin"

Jury: Karen Beckwith (Case Western Reserve University), Peter Wagner (Università degli Studi di Trento), Donatella Della Porta, (EUI) (Supervisor), Bianca Beccalli (Università Statale di Milano)

Thesis defended on 7 May 2010, Bio & Abstract

Camilla DEVITT (IRL)

camillanewTitle: "Shaping Labour Immigration. The Role of Labour Market Institutions in Advanced Democracies"

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI) (Supervisor), Virginie Guiraudon (CERAPS Lille) (Co-supervisor), Christina Boswell (University of Edinburgh) (via videolink), Desmond King (Nuffield College, Oxford)

Thesis defended on 23 September 2010

Allison DUNNE (IE) 

Allison DunneTitle: "Dividing Lines: Examining the Relative Importance of between- and within- School Differentiation during Lower Secondary Education"

Jury: Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI), Hans-Peter Blossfeld (Bamberg University), Jaap Dronkers (formerly EUI/Univ. Maastricht) (Supervisor), Adam Gamoran (Univesrity of Wisconsin)

Thesis defended on 21 May 2010, Bio & Abstract


Amy FreitasTitle: Redefining Nations: Nationhood and Immigration in Italy and Spain"

Jury: Maurizio Ambrosini (Univ. Milan), Margarita Gomez-Reino Cachafeiro, UNED, Madrid), Virginie Guiraudon (CERAPS-CNRS, Lille Centre for Politics) (External Co-Sipervisor), Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 8 July, 2010, Bio & Abstract


MayoFusterTitle: "Governance of online creation communities: Provision of infrastructure for the building of digital commons"

Jury: Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Giovanni Sartor (EUI), Bruce Bimber (University of California, Santa Barbara) (via videolink), Joan Subirats (Autonomous University of Barcelona)

Thesis defended on 20 September 2010, Bio & Abstract

Sylvain GAMBERT (FR)

Sylvain GambertTitle: "The Party Politics of Participatory Governance. EU Environmental Policy and the Domestic Management of Water and Marine Sustainability"

Jury: Andrea Lenschow (Univ. Osnabrueck), Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor), Claudio Radaelli (Univ. Exeter), Alexander Trechsel (EUI)

Thesis defended on 10 June, 2010, Bio & Abstract

Takeshi HIEDA (JP)

Hieda Takeshi

Title: "Aging and Political Institutions: Comparative Political Economy of Long-Term Care for Frail Older People"

Jury: Ellen Immergut (Humboldt University, Berlin), Martin Kohli (EUI), Toshimitsu Shinkawa (Kyoto University), Sven Steinmo (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 29 January 2010, Bio & Abstract


Evelyne HuebscherTitle: "The Joint Impact of Party Politics and Institutional Constraints on Social Policy Reforms in Open Economies"

Jury: Evelyne Huber (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor),  Philip Manow (University of Heidelberg),  Alexander Trechsel (EUI).

Thesis defended on 29 September 2010, Bio & Abstract


Jibecke JoenssonTitle: "Understanding Collective Security in the 21st Century: A Critical Study of UN Peacekeeping in the former Yugoslavia"

: Lene Hansen (Univ. Copenhagen), Friedrich V. Kratochwil (EUI) (Supervisor), Ramesh Thakur (Univ. Waterloo, Canada), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS)

Thesis defended on 20 September 2010 Bio & Abstract

Tamara JONJIC (CR)


Title: "Tensions between Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Appropriation in Biomedicine: Public Science Responses to the Patentability of Research Tools" 

Jury: Rikard Stankiewicz, (University of Lund, formerly EUI) (Supervisor), László Bruszt (EUI), Aldo Genua (University of Torino), Finn Valentin (Copenhagen Business School)

Thesis defended on 22 June 2010, Bio & Abstract

Judit KELLER (HU) 

Judit KellerTitle: "Patterns and Dynamics of European Subnational Governance: Institutional Transformations in Hungarian Mirco-regional Associations 1990-2006."

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI) (Supervisor), Michael Keating (formerly EUI/Univ. Aberdeen), Ilona Kovács Pálné (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Pécs), Carlo Trigilia (Univ. Florence)

Thesis defended on 15 June 2010, Bio & Abstract

Carol Marie KIRIAKOS (FI)

Carol Marie KiriakosTitle: "The World is my Workplace? The Meaning of Locality and Distance for Finnish Professionals in Silicon Valley"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI) (Supervisor), Colin Crouch (Univ. Warwick) (by videolink), Adrian Favell (Aarhus University), AnnaLee Saxenian (Univ. of California Berkeley) (by audio link)

Thesis defended on 1 September 2010, Bio & Abstract


Bram LanceeTitle: "The Economic Returns of Immigrants' Bonding and Bridging Social Capital"

Jury: Jaap Dronkers (formerly EUI/Univ. Maastricht), Anthony Heath (Univ. Oxford, Martin Kohli (EUI) (SUpervisor), Irena Kogan (Univ. Mannheim)

Thesis defended on 28 May 2010, Bio & Abstract



Title: "Patterns of Transnationalization and Regulatory Change beyond the EU. Explaining Cross-Sectoral Variation in Ukraine"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI) (Supervisor), Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS), Jacint Jordana (Pompeu Fabra Barcelona), Tanja Börzel (Free University Berlin) (via videolink)

Thesis defended on 12 November 2010, Bio & Abstract


CouttosTitle: "The EU as an Actor in International Environmental Negotiations: The Role of the Mixity Principle in Fishery Agreements"

Jury: Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor), Andrew Jordan (University of East Anglia), Christian Lequesne (CERI, Sciences Po, Paris), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS)

Thesis defended on 12 March 2010, Bio & Abstract

Georgia MAVRODI (GR)

mavrodiTitle: "The Europeanisation of national immigration policies? Liberalising effects of EU membership in a 'new' immigration country"

Jury: Andrew Geddes (University of Sheffield), Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Virginie Guiraudon (CNRS) (Co-supervisor), Anna Triandafyllidou (Democritus University of Thrace)

Thesis defended on 28 May 2010, Bio & Abstract


Igor Abdalla Medina De SouzaTitle: "Beyond Post Cold War Liberalism: A Critical Agenda for New Powers in World Politics"

Jury: David Kennedy (Harvard Law School) (in absentia), Friedrich V. Kratochwil (EUI) (Supervisor), Christian Reus-Smit (EUI), Timothy Sinclair (Univ. Warwick)

Thesis defended on 17 December, 2010, Bio & Abstract


Ilias NtinasTitle: "The Impressionable Years: The Formative Role of Family, Vote and Political Events During Early Adulthood"

Jury: Mark Franklin (EUI) (Supervisor), Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI), Cees van der Eijk (University of Nottingham), Laura Stoker (University of California, Berkeley)

Thesis defended 27 September 2010, Bio & Abstract

Jeppe Dørup OLESEN (DK)

Olesen JeppeTitle: "Adapting the Welfare State. Privatisation in Health Care in Denmark, England and Sweden"

Jury: Jens Blom-Hansen (Aarhus Univ), Pepper Culpepper (EUI), Bo Rothstein (Univ. Gothenborg), Sven Steinmo (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 12 June 2010, Bio & Abstract


Sergi Pardos PradoTitle: "Beyond Radical Right: Attitudes towards Immigration and Voting Behaviour in Europe"

Jury: Mark Franklin (EUI) (Supervisor), Peter Mair (EUI), José Ramón Montero (University of Madrid), Stephen Fisher (Trinity College, Oxford)

Thesis defended 27 September 2010 Bio & Abstract

Timothy PEACE (UK)

PeaceTitle: "Another World, but with Whom? A Franco-British comparison of the participation of Muslim activists in the Global Justice Movement"

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI), Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Marco Giugni (Université de Genève), Michal Wieviorka (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales) (via videolink)

Thesis defended on 9 December 2010, Bio & Abstract


PentimalliTitle: "Les coulisses de la relation de service. Dérision clandestine, accountability d’une équipe de téléopératrices et organisation néo-taylorienne"

Jury: Colin Crouch (University of Warwick, Business School) (Supervisor), Donatella Della Porta (EUI), Annie Borzeix (Ecole Polytechnique de Paris), Pier Paolo Giglioli (Università di Bologna)

Thesis defended on 5 February 2010, Bio & Abstract


Alexei PikulikTitle: "Comparative Pathways of Belarus and Ukraine (1991-2007)"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI) (Supervisor), Sven Steinmo  (EUI), Terry Lynn Karl (Stanford University), Béla Greskovits (Central European University)

Thesis defended on 14 December 2010, Bio & Abstract

Sonia PIRES (PT)

Pires_newTitle: "Immigrant Political Mobilisation in Portugal and Italy"

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Marco Martiniello (University of Liège)  (External co-supervisor), Rainer Bauböck (EUI), Lucinda Fonseca, (University of Lisbon)

Thesis defended on 14 May 2010, Bio & Abstract

Jonas RADL (DE)

RadlTitle: "Retirement Timing and Social Stratification: A Comparative Study of Labor Market Exit and Age Norms in Western Europe"

Jury: Martin Kohli (EUI) (Supervisor), Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI) (Co-Supervisor), Hans-Peter Blossfeld (Otto Friedrich University, Bamberg), Bernhard Ebbinghaus (University of Mannheim)

Thesis defended on 11 September 2010, Bio & Abstract

Chiara RUFFA (IT)

Chiara RuffaTitle: "Imagining War and Keeping Peace? Military Cultures and Peace Operation Effectiveness"

Jury: Christopher Dandeker (King's College London),  Elizabeth Kier (Univ. Washington), Friedrich V. Kratochwil (EUI), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS) Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 31st May 2010, Bio & Abstract


KaatSmetsTitle: "A Widening Generational Divide? Assessing the Age Gap in Voter Turnout Between Younger and Older Citizens"

Jury: André Blais (Université de Montréal) (External Supervisor), Mark N. Franklin (EUI), Marc Hooghe (Catholic University Leuven), Alexander H. Trechsel (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 15 March 2010, Bio & Abstract


Anna SobczakTitle: "Europeanization and Urban Policy Networks: The Impact of EU Programmes on Cooperation around Economic Development in Kraków and Glasgow"

Jury: John Bachtler (Univerity of Strathclyde), László Bruszt (EUI), Jerzy Hausner (Cracow University), Michael Keating (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 9 February 2010, Bio & Abstract

Michaël TATHAM (FR)

Michaël TathamTitle: "With, Without or Against You? The Interest Representation of States and their Sub-State Entities in the European Union"

Jury: Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS) (Co-Supervisor), Michael Keating Univ. Aberdeen/formerly EUI) (Supervisor), Gary Marks (Vrije Univ. Amsterdam/Univ. North Carolina, Chapel Hill) (via skype), Andy Smith (Sciences Po, Bordeaux) (in absentia)

Thesis defended on 20 October, 2010, Bio & Abstract

Christian R. THAUER (DE) 

Thauer ChristianTitle: "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Regulatory Void - Does the Promise Hold? Self-Regulation by Business in South Africa and China"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI), Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor), Aseem Prakash (University of Washington) (skype), Thomas Risse (Free University Berlin) (telephone link)

Thesis defended on 19 April 2010, Bio & Abstract


Simon ToubeauTitle: "The Accommodation of Nationalism. Regional Nationalist Parties and Territorial Restructuring in Great Britain, Spain and Belgium"

Jury: Kris Deschouwer (Vrije Univ. Brussel), Charlie Jeffery (Univ. Edinburgh), Michael Keating (formerly EUI/Univ. Aberdeen) (Supervisor), Peter Mair (EUI)

Thesis defended on 22 June 2010 Bio & Abstract


Stan Van AlphenTitle: "Just enough Education to Perform. The Labour Market Integration of Early School Leavers in a European cross-national Perspective"

Jury: Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI), Jaap Dronkes (formerly EUI/Univ. Maastricht) (Supervisor), Markus Gangl (Univ. Wisconsin) (in absentia), Irena Kogan (Univ. Mannheim)

Thesis defended on 28 May 2010, Bio & Abstract


Fernando VelizTitle: "Nationalism and International Order: Re-interpreting the Politics of Banal Croatia 1908-1918"

Jury: Hannes Grandits (University of Graz) (external Co-Supervisor), James Hughes (LSE), Michael Keating (Supervisor), Friedrich V. Kratochwil (EUI)

Thesis defended on 25 March 2010, Bio & Abstract


Daniela Vichertat MattarTitle: "Public Spaces. Searching out the Social Underpinnings of Democracy in Everyday Life"

Jury: Donatella Della Porta (EUI) Setha Low (City University of New York) (in absentia), Tracy B. Strong (Univ. California, San Diego), Peter Wagner (Univ. Trento) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 8 May, 2010, Bio & Abstract

Christophe VOINEAU (FR)

VoineauTitle: "Controversies, Public Engagement, and Scientific Expertise in Technical-Scientific Decision-Making Processes. The Setting up of Household Waste Incinerators in France"

Jury: Rikard Stankiewicz (University of Lund, formerly EUI) (Supervisor), Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Co-Supervisor), Massimiano Bucchi (Università degli Studi di Trento), Dominique Pestre (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris) (in absentia)

Thesis defended on 1 March 2010, Bio & Abstract


Olga Wysocka 2010Title; "Populism; The Polish Case"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI), Cas Mudde (Univ. Antwerp), Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor), Alex Szcezerbiak (Univ. Sussex)

Thesis defended on 4 June 2010, Bio & Abstract


Nikoleta YordanovaTitle: "Legislative Organisation of the European Parliament. The Role of Committees"

Jury: David Farrell (UCD), Mark Franklin (EUI), Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor), Simon Hix (LSE)

Thesis defended on 7 June 2010, Bio & Abstract

Annika ZORN (DE)

Annika ZornTitle: "The Welfare State We’re In. Organisations of the Unemployed in Action in Paris and Berlin"

Jury: Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Colin Crouch (University of Warwick, Business School), Klaus Eder (Humboldt-Universität Berlin), Marco Giugni (Université de Genève) 

Thesis defended on 5 February 2010, Bio & Abstract


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