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Theses Defended in 2011


JBolstadTitle: "Principles, Interests and Beliefs: Public Opinion on International Aid"

Jury: Mark Franklin (EUI) (Supervisor), Sven Steinmo (EUI), Stein Kuhnle (Hertie School of Governance and University of Bergen), Alain Noël (Université de Montréal)

Thesis defended on 15 July 2011, Bio & Abstract


Fernando Casal BértoaTitle: "The Institutionalization of Party Systems in East Central Europe: Explaining Variation"

Jury: Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor), László Bruszt (EUI), Ferdinand Müller-Rommel (University of Lüneburg), Leonardo Morlino (LUISS) (in absentia)

Thesis defended on 6 June 2011, Bio & Abstract

Sophie BOSSY (FR)

Sophie BossyTitle: "Utopia in Social Movements. A Cross-National Comparison of the Political Consumerist Movement in France and the United Kingdom"
Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), James Jasper (City University of New York), Michael Keating (formerly EUI, University of Aberdeen), Lilian Mathieu (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon)

Thesis defended on 22 November 2011, Bio & Abstract

Mads Christian DAGNIS JENSEN (DK)

Mads ChristianDagnis JensenTitle: "A Veto Players' Game' Comparing and Explaining Domestic Coordination Regarding the European Union in Germany and Denmark"

Jury: Tanja Börzel Ffreie Univ. Berlin), Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor), Peter Nedergaard (Univ. Copenhagen) (via phonelink), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS)

Thesis defended on 20 December, 2011, Bio & Abstract


Johan Bo DavidssonTitle: "Unions in Hard Times. Labour Market Politics in Western Europe: Two Patterns of Reform"
Jury: Giuliano Bonoli (IDHEAP, Lausanne), Pepper Culpepper (EUI), Bruno Palier (CEVIPOF, Paris), Sven Steinmo (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 19 September 2011, Bio & Abstract


Ana Espirito-SantoTitle: "The Symbolic Value of Descriptive Representation: The Case of Female Representation"

Jury: Mark Franklin (EUI, Supervisor), Joni Lovenduski (University of London, External Co-Supervisor), Mona Lena Krook (Washington University in St. Louis), Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI)

Thesis defended on 13 December 2011, Bio & Abstract


Hélder Ferreira Do ValeTitle: "Changes From Below: Intergovernmental Politics In Democratizing Federations"

Jury: Alexander Trechsel (EUI) (Supervisor), Adrienne Héritier (EUI), Marta Arretche (University of São Paulo), Xavier Coller (University Pablo Olavide, Sevilla)

Thesis defended on 8 March 2011, Bio & Abstract


Julia HermannTitle: "Being Moral. Moral Competence and the Limits of Reasonable Doubt"

Jury: Dennis Patterson (EUI) (Supervisor), Rainer Bauböck (EUI), Alan Thomas (University of Tilburg), Marcus Willaschek (University of Frankfurt)

Thesis defended on 13 June 2011, Bio & Abstract


Majda Idrizbegovic RugeTitle: "Overcoming Division in Bosnia and Cyprus: the Limits of International Intervention"

Jury: Judy Batt (Univ. Birmingham), Thomas Diez (Univ. Tübingen), Michael Keating (formerly EUI/Univ. Aberdeen) (Supervisor), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS)

Thesis defended on 20 May 2011, Bio & Abstract

Christel KOOP (NL)

Christel KoopTitle: "Measuring and Explaining Accountability: A Comparative Study of Independent Agencies"

Jury: Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor), Adrienne Héritier (EUI), Mark Bovens (Utrecht University), Mark Thatcher (LSE)

Thesis defended on 5 July 2011, Bio & Abstract

Theresa KUHN (AT)

Theresa KuhnTitle: "Individual Transnationalism and EU Support: An Empirical Test of Deutsch's Transactionalists Theory"

Jury: Martin Kohli (EUI) (Supervisor), Mark Franklin (EUI), Jack Citrin (University of California, Berkeley), Juan Díez Medrano (IBEI)

Thesis defended on 8 July 2011, Bio & Abstract

Kathryn LUM (UK)

Kathryn LumTitle: "How Caste Works: Forging New Identities in a Punjabi Ex-Untouchable Community in Catalonia, Spain"

Jury: Jaap Dronkers (formerly EUI/Univ. Maastricht) (Supervisor), Staffan Lindberg (Univ. Lund), Eleanor Nesbitt (Univ. Warwick), Steven Smith (EUI, History and Civilization Department)

Thesis defended on 10 October, 2011, Bio & Abstract

Yvette PETERS (NL)

Yvette PetersTitle: "Patterns of Change. A Study of the Relation Between Political Participation and Institutions"

Jury: Russell Dalton (Univ. California, Irvine), Jan van Deth (Univ. Mannheim), Peter Mair (EUI), Alexander Trechsel (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 18 July 2011, Bio & Abstract



Mathieu PetithommeTitle: "Government, Opposition and the Strategies of Adaptation of National Parties to European Integration: A Comparative Study"

Jury: Florence Haegel (SciencesPo), Robert Ladrech (Keele University), Stefano Bartolini (EUI), Alexander Trechsel (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 18 October 2011, Bio & Abstract

Daniela Romée PICCIO (IT)

Daniela PiccioTitle: Party Responses to Social Movements.A Comparative Analysis of Italy and the Netherlands in the 1970s and 1980s

Jury: Donatella Della Porta, (EUI) (Supervisor for Peter Mair), László Bruszt (EUI), Rudy Andeweg (Leiden University), Thomas Poguntke (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)

Thesis defended on 7 December 2011, Bio & Abstract


Grzegorz PiotrowskiTitle: "Alterglobalism in Postsocialism. A Study of Central and Eastern European Activists"

Jury: Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Don Kalb (Central European University) (External Supervisor), László Bruszt (EUI), Grzegorz Ekiert (Harvard University)

Thesis defended on 5 July 2011, Bio & Abstract


Tijana Prokic-BreuerTitle: "Three Studies on the Sources and Consequences of Social and Cultural Capital among European Adolescents"

Jury: Jaap Dronkers (formerly EUI/Univ. Maastricht) (Supervisor), Joop Hartog (Amsterdam School of Economics), Marc Hooghe (KU Leuven), Sven Steinmo (EUI)

Thesis defended on 13 June 2011, Bio & Abstract

Federico ROSSI (AR)

Federico RossiTitle: "The Quest for Re-Incorporation in Post-Corporatist Politics: The Path of the Unemployed Workers’ Movement in Argentina, 1996-2009"

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Philippe C. Schmitter (EUI), Jeff Goodwin (New York University) (via phonelink) (External Supervisor), Sidney Tarrow (Cornell University) (via phonelink)

Thesis defended on 21 July 2011, Bio & Abstract

Patrycja ROZBICKA (PL)

Patrycja RozbizkaTitle: "Myths and Reality of EU Policy Processes and Interest-Groups Participation. Why are Interest Groups not as successful as they would like to be?

Jury: Jan Beyers (Univ. Antwerp), Pieter Bouwen (Katholieke Univ. Leuven), Pepper Culpepper (EUI), Friedrich V. Kratochwil (formerly EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 27 June, 2011, Bio & Abstract


Mi Ah SchoyenTitle: "The Pension Dilemma in Italy, Germany and Sweden - A Common Challenge, Different Outcomes"

Jury: Martin Kohli (EUI), Stein Kuhnle (Hertie School of Governance), Joakim Palme (Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm), Sven Steinmo (EUI) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 13 June 2011 Bio & Abstract


CorinaStratulatTitle: "Europe as an Issue Dimension in the Party Politics of Central East European Candidate States" 
Jury: Peter Mair (EUI) (Supervisor), László Bruszt (EUI), Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (Hertie School of Governance, Berlin), Johannes Keman (Free University of Amsterdam)

Thesis defended on 4 February 2011, Bio & Abstract



Maria VaalavuoTitle: "Towards an Improved Measure of Income Inequality. The Impact of Public Services on Income Distribution - An International Comparison"

Jury: Beatrijs Cantillon (Univ. Antwerp), Jaap Dronkers (formerly EUI/Univ. Maastricht), Markus Jäntti (Stockholm University), Sven Steinmo (EUI)

Thesis defended on 1 June 2011, Bio & Abstract

Franca Janna VAN HOOREN (NL)

Van HoorenTitle: "Caring Migrants in European Welfare Regimes: The Policies and Practice of Migrant Labour Filling the Gaps in Social Care"

Jury: Martin Kohli (EUI) (Supervisor), Virginie Guiraudon (SciencesPo) (Co-supervisor), Anton Hemerijck (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Chiara Saraceno (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung)

Thesis defended on 31 May 2011, Bio & Abstract


Till WeberTitle: "The Structuring Effect of Electoral Competition"

Jury: Mark Franklin (EUI) (Supervisor), Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI), Bernhard Wessels (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung), Christopher Wlezien (Temple University).

Theses defended on 6 June 2011, Bio & Abstract


Ina Wiesner

Title: "Importing the American Way of War? The Adoption of Network-Centric Warfare by the British and German Armed Forces"

Jury: Theo Farrell (King's College, London), Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS), Gerhard Kümmel (Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut der Bundeswehr), Pascal Vennesson (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 03 October, 2011, Bio & Abstract

Po-Kuan WU (TW)

Po-Kuan Wu Sep 2011Title:"To Liberalise or Not to Liberalise? Explaining European Shipbuilding Policy?
Jury: Dorothee Bohle (CEU Budapest), László Bruszt (EUI), Michelle Cini (Univ. Bristol), Adrienne Héritier (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor)

Thesis defended on 16 September 2011, Bio & Abstract



Title: "Just Liberalization? Ideas, Justification and Rhetorical Choice in 30 Years of German Employment Policy Making"

Jury: Frank Nullmeier (Universität Bremen), Donatella Della Porta (EUI) (Supervisor), Christian Lahusen (Universität Siegen), Martin Kohli (EUI) (in absentia)

Thesis defended on 15 March 2011, Bio & Abstract


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