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Theses Defended in 2015


Anna auf dem BrinkeTitle: "The Political Economy of Financial Risk & Preferences"

Jury: Ben Ansell (University of Oxford), Pepper Culpepper (EUI, Supervisor), Jonas Pontusson (Université de Genève), Sven Steinmo (EUI)

Thesis defended on 29 May 2015, Bio & Abstract


Maria BirnbaumTitle: "Becoming Recognizable. Postcolonial Independence and the Reification of Religion"

Jury: Jens Bartelson (Univ. Lund), Christian Reus-Smit (formerly EUI/Univ. Queensland) (Supervisor), Olivier Roy (EUI/RSCAS), Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Northwestern University)

Thesis defended on 20 March 2015, Bio & Abstract

Donagh DAVIS (IRL)

Donagh Davis webTitle: "Infiltrating History: Structure and Agency in the Irish Independence Struggle, 1916-1921"

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI, Supervisor), Jack A. Goldstone (George Mason University), Bill Kissane (London School of Economics), Lucy Riall (EUI - by videolink)

Thesis defended on 19 May 2015, Bio & Abstract

Caterina FROIO (IT)

CaterinaFroioTitle:  "The Politics of Constraints. Electoral Promises, Pending Commitments, Public Concerns and Policy Agendas in Denmark, France, Spain and the United Kingdom (1980-2008)"

Jury: E. Scott Adler (University of Colorado, External Co-Supervisor, by videolink), Stefano Bartolini (EUI), Pepper Culpepper (EUI, Supervisor), Peter John (University College London).

Thesis defended on 8 January 2015, Bio & Abstract



Payam GhalehdarTitle: "The Origins of Overthrow. Hegemonic Expectations, Emotional Frustration, and the Impulse to Regime Change"

Jury: Roland Bleiker (Univ. Queensland) (in videolink), Michael Cox (LSE), Christian Reus-Smit (formerly EUI/Univ. Queensland) (Supervisor), Jennifer Welsh (EUI)

Thesis defended on 20 March 2015, Bio & Abstract

Michael GRÄTZ (DE)

graetz_SMALLTitle: "Compensating Disadvantageous Life Events. Social Origin Differences in the Effects of Familyand Sibling Characteristics on Educational Outcomes"

Jury: Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI, Supervisor), Hans-Peter Blossfeld (EUI), Jan O. Jonsson (Nuffield College), Dalton Conley (New York University) (via videolink)

Thesis defended on 19 November 2015, Bio & Abstract

Patrick HERRON (UK)

Patrick HerronTitle: "State Freedom and International Relations"

Jury: Thomas Biersteker (Graduate Institute, Geneva), Edward Keene (Univ. Oxford), Christian Reus-Smit (Univ. Queensland/formerly EUI) (Supervisor), Jennifer Welsh (EUI) (in videolink)

Thesis defended on 26 March 2015, Bio & Abstract


Helge Hiram JensenTitle: "State Transformation in the High North: Cases of environmental justice struggles"

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI, Supervisor), Steinar Pedersen (Sami University College), Paul Routledge (University of Leeds), Olivier Roy (EUI)

Thesis defended on 15 May 2015, Bio & Abstract

David KARAS (HU)

KarasTitle: "Diverging Developmental Pathways on the Margins of the EU. The Case of the Hungarian and Polish Dairy Sectors"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI, Supervisor), Sven Steinmo (EUI) (via videolink), Dorothee Bohle (Central European University), Iván Szelényi (NYU Abu Dhabi) (via videolink)

Thesis defended on 27 October 2015, Bio & Abstract

Weronika KLOC-NOWAK (PL)

WeronikaKlocNowakTitle:  "Childbearing and Parental Decisions of Intra-EU Migrants. A Biographical Analysis of Polish Post-Accession Migrants to the UK and Italy"

Jury:  Rainer Bauböck (EUI), Martin Kohli (EUI, Supervisor), Marek Okólski (University of Warsaw), Louise Ryan (Middlesex University).

Thesis defended on 15 January 2015, Bio & Abstract


Vasyl Kucherenko defendedTitle:  "Perceiving Manipulated Information in the Internet Age. A Comparative Analysis. The Cases of Austria, Italy and The Netherlands"

Jury: Urs Gasser (Harvard University, by videolink), Sven Steinmo (EUI), Alexander H. Trechsel (EUI, Supervisor), Thomas Zittel (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Thesis defended on 2 June 2015, Bio & Abstract

Joseph LACEY (IRL)

Joseph LaceyTitle: "Centripetal Democracy. Democratic Legitimacy and Regional Integration in Belgium, Switzerland and the European Union"

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Supervisor), Philippe Van Parijs (UC Louvain, Co-supervisor), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI), Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University)

Thesis defended on 29 June 2015, Bio & Abstract


Juana LamoteTitle: "Time Use, Income and Social Class: Shedding Light on the Social Foundations of Subjective Wellbeing"

Jury: Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI, Supervisor), Diego Gambetta (EUI), Jonathan Gershuny (University of Oxford), Letizia Mencarini (University of Turin)

Thesis defended on 3 June 2015, Bio & Abstract


okyay_photo2Title: "Diaspora-making as a state-led project. Turkey's expansive diaspora strategy and its implications for emigrant and kin populations"

Jury: Rainer Bauböck (EUI, Supervisor), Olivier Roy (EUI), Rogers Brubaker (University of California Los Angeles, via videolink), Alan Gamlen (Victoria University of Wellington, via videolink)

Thesis defended on 1 December 2015, Bio & Abstract


Picture_Stefano Palestini_SMALLTitle: "Organising the South American Space. Regionalism in Times of Transnationalisation"

Jury: László Bruszt (EUI, Supervisor), Carlos Closa Montero (EUI), Olivier Dabène (Sciences Po), Juan Gabriel Valdés (Universidad Austral of Chile)

Thesis defended on 13 October 2015, Bio & Abstract


Silvia Rossetti_defendedTitle: "Institutional Affinities and Extending Working Life. The Effectiveness of Activation Policies in The Netherlands, Germany and Italy"

Jury: Hans-Peter Blossfeld (EUI), Bernhard Ebbinghaus (University of Mannheim), Martin Kohli (EUI, Supervisor), Ariana Need (University of Twente, by videolink)

Thesis defended on 11 June 2015, Bio & Abstract 


MajaSpanuTitle: "The Idea of Self-Determination: Hierarchy and Order after Empire"

Jury: Edward Keene (Univ. Oxford, Christ Church), George Lawson (LSE), Christian Reus-Smit (formerly EUI/Univ. Queensland), Jennifer Welsh (EUI)

Thesis defended on 23 March 2015, Bio & Abstract


FurioTitle: "The Politics of a Broken Promise: Risk shifting Reforms in Bismarckian Pension Policies"

Jury: David Natali (University of Bologna), Sven Steinmo (EUI, Supervisor), Alexander H. Trechsel (EUI, in absentia), Kent Weaver (Georgetown University, by videolink)

Thesis defended on 21 January 2015, Bio & Abstract

Maria Concetta TEDESCO (IT)

TedescoMCTitle: "Faith and Citizenship Among the Nur Community in Turkey. A Study in Islamic Socio-Political Imagination"

Jury: Olivier Roy (EUI/RSCAS) (Supervisor), Armando Salvatore (McGill University) (Co-Supervisor), Donatella della Porta (EUI), Levent Yilmaz (Bilgi University)

Thesis defended on 10 June 2015, Bio & Abstract

Davide VAMPA (IT)

Davide VampaTitle: "The Regional Politics of Welfare in Italy, Spain, and Great Britain: Assessing the Impact of Territorial and Left-Wing Mobilisations on the Development of 'Sub-State' Social Systems"

Jury: Stefano Bartolini (EUI, Supervisor), László Bruszt (EUI), Maurizio Ferrera (Università degli Studi di Milano), Jonathan Hopkin (London School of Economics, by videolink)

Thesis defended on 30 September 2015, Bio & Abstract


markosCVphoto_smallTitle: Precarious Workers' Unions in Greece and Italy: a Comparative Study of their organizational characteristics and their movement repertoire

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI former professor, supervisor), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI), Rick Fantasia (Smith College), Maria Kousis (University of Crete)

Thesis defended on 25 November 2015, Bio & Abstract


Jana WarkotschTitle: "Bread, Freedom, Human Dignity. The Political Economy of Protest Mobilization in Egypt and Tunisia"

Jury: Donatella Della Porta (EUI, Supervisor), Jeff Goodwin (New York University), Emma Murphy (Durham University, by videolink), Philippe C. Schmitter (EUI)

Thesis defended on 13 May 2015, Bio & Abstract

Lorenzo ZAMPONI (IT)

foto lorenzo webTitle: "Mediatised Public Memory and the Symbolic Construction of Conflict in Student Movements''

Jury: Donatella della Porta (EUI, Supervisor), William Gamson (Boston College - by videolink), Ronald Eyerman (Yale University), Hanspeter Kriesi (EUI)

Thesis defended on 14 July 2015, Bio & Abstract

Carolina ZUCCOTTI (AR)

Carolina ZuccottiTitle: Shaping Ethnic Inequalities. The Production and Reproduction of Social and Spatial Inequalities among Ethnic Minorities in England and Wales

Jury: Fabrizio Bernardi (EUI, Supervisor), Alessandra Venturini (EUI), Anthony Heath (University of Oxford), Héctor Cebolla-Boado (UNED Madrid)

Thesis defended on 22 September 2015, Bio & Abstract



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