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Dictatorship and Democracy Working Group

The Dictatorship and Democracy Working Group is a platform for the members of the EUI research community to present and discuss their ongoing work on the functions of democracy and autocracy, broadly defined. The working group’s main focus is on the discussions of party politics, the emergence and working of electoral institutions, the logic of turnout and political participation, as well as the logic and electoral functions of redistributive politics. We are interested in the political logic of institutional transformations and behavioral response in democracies and autocracies. Such interactions among the political elite and the constituency encompass themes such as new party entry, turnout dynamics, redistributive politics, in the contemporary as well as the historical contexts. Presentations or discussions of both quantitative, data-oriented projects as well as case studies are of interest.

The group is organised by visiting associate professor Navid Hassanpour. Prof. Stefano Bartolini sponsors the Dictatorship and Democracy Working Group. 

Potential topics of presentation/discussion are: Modernization Theory, Turnout and Political Competition, Emergence of Democratic (and Authoritarian) Institutions in the Historical Context, Choice of Electoral Systems, Competitive Authoritarianism, Political Cleavages, Varieties of Democratizations and Authoritarian Reversals, and Democratic Breakdown.

Format: We welcome presentations of working papers at the beginning of the sessions, but roundtable discussions and informal presentation of ongoing projects, research designs and arguments, both theoretical and empirical, are also a part of our meeting agenda.

Membership: This working group is open to members of the EUI research community: faculty members, researchers, fellows and graduate students are welcome to take part. The pilot program of the working group will be held April–June 2019, on a weekly basis on Tuesdays at 11:00 in Villa Sanfelice meeting room.

Organisation: If you would like to join the working group, either as a presenter or a member of the audience, please contact Navid Hassanpour and/or Ph.D. Researchers Adrián Del Río Rodríguez and Fred Paxton. We will add you to the mailing list of the group in order to inform you of the upcoming events.

Page last updated on 10 April 2019