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Highlights from Recent Events 


January 2019 Chinese Social Credit System

30 January 2019: Digital Dictatorship or Digital Republic? Law and Ethics of China’s Social Credit System, workshop

China’s effort to build and implement its so-called Social Credit System is a fascinating case of a technological ecosystem designed for social control. It represents the attempt of the Chinese government to rate its citizens based on their good or bad behavior. But what does this mean for the Chinese people? Does the Chinese Social Credit System make for a digital republic or a digital dictatorship? Leading experts discussed these and more questions in a workshop hosted by the Global Governance Programme


December2018 MPM2017

7 December 2018: Monitoring media pluralism in Europe: between old risks and new threats, conference

The Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM) is a holistic tool to assess the risks to media pluralism in a given country. In 2017, the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom carried out the EU-wide implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitor (MPM2017), including three candidate countries. The results were presented and discussed at the conference that took place in Brussels. Moreover, a roundtable discussion featuring scholars, experts, stakeholders and policy-makers draw attention to more recent digital-related challenges.

November 2018 LIFE-SIDE-Conference

27-28 November 2018: LIFE SIDE Final Conference 

The final conference of the LIFE SIDE project, organised by FSR Climate in collaboration with DG Climate Action of the European Commission, provided the opportunity to present the conclusions of a literature-based report, assessing the performance of the EU ETS and to discuss some of the most pressing issues of the EU ETS post-2020. High-level policy makers and stakeholders, as well as representatives from the industrial sector, NGOs and academia attended the event. 

.September 2018 GGP WTO

28-29 September 2018: World Trade Forum 2018

More than 100 trade practitioners, and scholars, government officials, and representatives of international and nongovernmental organizations participated in the 2018 World Trade Forum. Sessions addressed a variety of issues, such as the state of play in the WTO and global trade policy trends, external trade strategies of the EU, China and the United States, measurement of sustainability and many more.





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