Publications and Dissemination

The Robert Schuman Centre regularly produces academic content and disseminate it via multiple channels.


In Publications we offer a list of the different types of publications as available on the EUI repository Cadmus, including the required information on how to access and download them.   

An insight into our work, including  research outputs, trainings, policy dialogues and outreach, can also be found in our Annual Report(s)

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Our bi-montly newsletter includes the latest information on our activites including possible vacancies. It is possible to subscribe and receive it in your inbox!

The News section gives an overview of the highlights from our most recent events. 

The Opinions page collects all Op-eds published by our academics world-wide.


March 2019 Global Forum


We regularly produce multimedia material to disseminate our research output. All video content is available on our Youtube channel, while podcasts with the registration of lectures and interviews can be accessed on Soundcloud.  

The 'Schuman Shorts' is a series of one-minute videos where academics explain a concept, a research finding or a word related to their research.

The 'Schuman Shelf' video series, features academics who present and discuss key concepts from their recently published books. 

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Page last updated on 19 January 2021

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