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Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom


The Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) aims to increase awareness of the importance of media pluralism and freedom and represents a further step in the European Institutions’ on-going effort to improve their protection in Europe.

The Centre constitutes an exceptional hub for academics, policymakers, regulators, market stakeholders, and media practitioners to discuss the key policy issues on the agenda and to identify the actions at the EU and/or national levels necessary to improve the protection of media pluralism and freedom.

The CMPF research team conducts interdisciplinary advanced policy-oriented research, combining expertise in legal studies, internet policies, media markets and economics, political science and political communications. The CMPF supports European and national policy and rule-making processes on:

  • Freedom of expression and the right to information in Europe
  • Impact of new technologies, new media and new business models on media freedom and journalistic activities, on pluralism, governance and competition
  • Media markets structure and the economics of media pluralism
  • Media, politics and the democratic process
  • Internet governance

The results and outcomes of the research conducted at the Centre are disseminated through working papers, policy studies and reports.

The CMPF carries out a number of research projects, including the test implementation of the Media Pluralism Monitoring in nine EU member states with the aim of assessing the risk for media pluralism in Europe. It also offers training to media practitioners and produces tools for journalists facilitating their understanding of regulatory and legal parameters related to their newsgathering, reporting and publishing activities.



The CMPF is working to contribute to an effective European dimension of media freedom and pluralism, investing in the future of a democratic European Union and in the future of journalism.

 Pier Luigi Parcu,
Director, Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom

Page last updated on 17 August 2017