‘Law’ in International Law Research (LAW-DS-INTRES-20)


Department LAW
Course category LAW Intensive Seminar - 3 credits
Course type Course
Academic year 2020-2021
Credits 3 (EUI Law credits)
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25/11/2020 10:30-13:00 @ Outside EUI premises

25/11/2020 14:30-17:00 @ Outside EUI premises

04/12/2020 10:30-13:00 @ Outside EUI premises

04/12/2020 14:30-17:00 @ Outside EUI premises


Please note that this seminar is intended to be highly interactive, therefore the number of participants is strictly capped at thirty. This seminar is not likely to be offered next year.

It seems obvious: international lawyers work on international law. But upon closer analysis, international legal scholarship reveals a broad array of conceptions of what ‘law’ in international law means. This intensive course explores three broad categories of understandings of law in international law, and the many variances within those categories: (1) a formalist understanding: law as an institutionalised rule-based system established by those with the authority to make law; (2) a substantive understanding: law as a system of principles, claims, and obligations (3) an anthropological/sociological understanding: rules by which actors abide in social interactions. In this seminar we will focus on two specific areas of international law (peacemaking and rights framing) to identify different conceptions of law and to analyse how these understandings relate to each other or talk past each other. A more nuanced appreciation of these different understandings will both help international legal researchers situate their own work, and better explain it to others.

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