Intermediate Quantitative Methods (SPS-METJH-QM-21)


Department SPS
Course category SPS Foundation Seminar
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2021-2022
Credits 20 (EUI SPS Department)
Contact Rzemieniecka, Monika
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04/10/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

11/10/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Theatre, Badia Fiesolana

18/10/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

25/10/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Theatre, Badia Fiesolana

02/11/2021 9:00-11:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

02/11/2021 11:00-13:30 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

08/11/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

15/11/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

22/11/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Sala del Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana

06/12/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

07/12/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana

13/12/2021 11:00-13:00 @ Refectory, Badia Fiesolana


The objective of this seminar is to refresh and extend knowledge of basic quantitative methods typically used in the political and social sciences. The first part of the seminar covers measurement, statistical inference and hypothesis testing and goes through linear regression with special attention to the math behind bivariate regression as well as the Gauss-Markov assumptions. We then move on to discussing issues of model specification and sources of bias in linear regression models. The second part continues by covering extensions to the linear regression model, including binary outcomes, quantile regression, and multilevel and panel regressions.
            The seminar consists of weekly lectures and lab exercises. The lab exercises can be done either with R or Stata (or some other software); the focus of the labs will be substantive and not coding. The seminar is suitable for researchers who have previously taken introductory courses in quantitative methods and know the basics of linear regression, and who are sufficiently comfortable with a statistical software package like R or Stata that will not need spend much time or get hands-on feedback on how to execute basic commands.
            Being comfortable with high-school level mathematics is important so it is good idea to take Mathematics for Political and Social Scientists in September to brush up. For those with no or little previous experience with quantitative methods, or who want to brush up their basic skills, we recommend they instead take Introduction to Quantitative Methods, which runs in parallel to this seminar. Those who have extensive prior background in quantitative methods can consider Introduction to Econometrics and Regression in the Economics Department. The Intermediate Quantitative Methods seminar is also open to students who previously took Introduction to Quantitative Methods.
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