Introduction to Effective Research Design (SPS-RESHEM-DE-21)


Department SPS
Course category SPS Foundation Seminar
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2021-2022
Credits 20 (EUI SPS Department)
Contact Lechleitner, Maureen
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This seminar provides an introduction to effective research design. Research design bears on the critical links between the central puzzle of research, on the one hand, and theory, methods, case selection and data collection and analysis, on the other. Therefore, the seminar will address key issues about research questions, theory development, case selection and data gathering and analysis. Researchers will learn how empirical research and social science theory can be integrated in different strands of social research, and they are encouraged to “improve” existing research (presented in a selection of monographs and research articles) by thinking of alternative theories, hypotheses, concepts, measurements and research strategies. Moreover, the seminar aims to teach, and show, what is involved in writing research, that is not only the findings but also the intellectual journey and logical process of arriving at these findings.
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