Foundations of Institutional Analysis: Theory and Methods (SPS-RESIMM-AN-21)


Department SPS
Course category SPS Foundation Seminar
Course type Seminar
Academic year 2021-2022
Credits 20 (EUI SPS Department)
Contact Battistini, Adele Ines
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“Institutions” are the second nature of society. Creations of men and women, institutions order social, political, economic and even cultural intercourse. Indeed, institutions constitute the very basis for human interaction. Consequently, institutions bear within them equally the potential danger of the most deep-seated social control, as well as the promise of human liberation from both the social bond and the constraints of nature. Institutionalism is the study of the origins, effects and potential for reform of institutions.

This seminar introduces students to the theoretical program of the new institutionalism. We will review the three main strands of theory, rational choice institutionalism, historical institutionalism and sociological institutionalism, and discuss recent literatures on institutional design, institutional stability and change, and social and political consequences of institutions.

The aim of the class is two-fold.  One is to familiarize students with classic texts and recent publications that any emerging political scientist will find useful to know and cite (the list is in that sense necessary but not sufficient, of course). The other is to help students develop their own research projects by encouraging them to see it through the lens of the class readings.
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