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Academic Practice Workshops

APW pageThe training component of the MW Programme consists in three interlocking modules designed to address key areas of academic practice: 

  • Teaching 
  • Publishing and Presenting Research
  • Preparation for the Job Market and Career Development 



The cornerstone of the interlocking modules are the  Academic Practice Workshops . These Workshops are designed to enhance Fellows’ knowledge and skills in key areas of academic practice, from publishing strategies and research dissemination, to research ethics and professional leadership, to effective teaching and curriculum development in the context of today’s multicultural global academia.

The workshops are offered by experts from the EUI and its sister institutions and can also be convened directly by the Academic Practice Groups on topics related to academic practice of particular interest. The workshops are usually held on Wednesday mornings and are open to all Fellows. 

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Academic Practice Workshops

    • 12-13, 19-20, 26-27 September 2018
      September Presentations
      Max Weber Fellows 
    • 12 September 2018
      Developing an Effective ‘Job Market Package’ - Writing a Teaching Statement / Teaching Philosophy
      Laurie Anderson
    • 10-11, 15 October 2018
      Presenting and Public Speaking module 
      Laurie Anderson (MWP) and ACS Staff
    • 7 November 2018
      The Journal Review Process: A Roundtable with Journal Editors
      R. Bellamy, C. Closa, J. Foot, D. Levine, Johanne Scott 
    • 21 November 2018
      Introduction to Teaching Portfolio
      Lynn McAlpine
    • 21-27 November 2018
      Course Design Workshop
      Lynn McAlpine
    • 14 December 2018
      How not to get published
      John Ashlam (Cambridge University Press)
    • 21-25 January 2019
      Lynn McAlpine
    • 25 January 2019
      Teaching Portfolio Workshop 
      Lynn McAlpine
    • 20 March 2019
      Teaching in the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Classroom
      Mireia Trenchs (UPF)
    • 14 March 2019
      Workshop with Dominic Byatt (OUP)
    • 19 March 2019 
      Developing reflective practice: Approaches to classroom observation
      Laurie Anderson (MWP)
    • 3 June 2019
      Examining Supervision: An Individual and Collective Responsibility
      Lynn McAlpine 


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