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Interdisciplinary Research Clusters and Research Groups 2021-2022

The core of the Programme’s multidisciplinary research activities are the interdisciplinary research clusters (IRCs) and Research Groups (RG).

Starting in the autumn 2020, the European University Institute has launched four interdisciplinary research clusters focused on key societal challenges that are reshaping the agenda of social sciences and the humanities. Now there are six of them, bringing together different disciplinary expertise and knowledge and promoting their systematic interaction in thematic encounters around objects of common concern.

Led by EUI professors from different departments, the IRCs are organized on a multidisciplinary basis and include Max Weber Fellows as well as other scholars based at EUI or visiting. Their activities include presentations of work in progress as well as discussion of more general research issues.

The Interdisciplinary Research Clusters and Research Groups for the academic year 2021-2022 are:
1)     Democracy in the 21st century (IRC)
2)     Inequality, welfare and social justice (IRC)
3)     Crisis of expert knowledge and authority (IRC)
4)     Technological change and society (IRC)
5)     Environmental Challenges and Climate Change Governance (IRC)
6)     Decentering Eurocentrism (IRC)
7)     Eastern Europe a Laboratory of Change (RG)

Page last updated on 21 March 2022

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