Academic Practice Activities 2011-2012

The Academic Practice Activities (APA)are oriented towards reflecting on, and acquiring, the best standards in academic writing, presenting and teaching as well as in other key scholarly activities such as academic job search, grant application and management, and ethical issues.

The APAs consist in: Academic Practice Workshops, Academic Practice Groups, and Academic Writers’ Groups.

Below follows a list of the Academic Practice Activities offered 2011-2012 divided by the 3 Modules:

Teaching Module

  • Preparatory meetings for the Humboldt, UPF and LSE Teaching Exchanges (Cornelia Hacke & Jeffrey Verhey, Humboldt University, Berlin / Mireia Trenchs, UPF Barcelona/ Nick Byrne & Alyson Standring, LSE London)
  • Lynn McAlpine (Oxford) "Curriculum and Course Development"
  • Lynn McAlpine (Oxford) "Learning Outcomes and Strategies"
  • Lynn McAlpine (Oxford) "How to Structure a Lecture"
  • Lynn McAlpine (Oxford) "Small-group Teaching" 
  • Micro-Teaching Sessions
  • Angela O’Neill (College de Bruges) “Individual Feedback on Micro-Teaching”
  • UPF Barcelona Teaching exchange
  • LSE Teaching Exchange
  • Humboldt Teaching Exchange
  • Course and Syllabus Development Workshop (with EUI Faculty)
  • MWP Academic Communication Skills support 

Job Market & Presentation Module

  • September, Departmental and June presentations
  • "Building a personal website" (with Jens Hoffmeister, MWP Web Collaborator)
  • Academic Careers Observatory activities, MWP
  • Mock interviews (with EUI Faculty)
  • Time Management Course
  • Job talks (with Fellow fellows and EUI Faculty)
  • MWP Academic Communication Skills support

Publishing and Writing Module

  • Research and Grant Application – How to write a Research Proposal (with EUI faculty)
  • Publishing Strategies, Refereeing Peers’ Work & Citation Indexes (with EUI faculty)
  • Research Grant Proposal (written feedback from EUI Faculty)
  • MWP Working Paper, to be published in Cadmus (written feedback from mentor)
  • MWP Academic Communication Skills support



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