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Members of the MWP Thematic Research Groups

In 2014 the Max Weber Programme introduced Research Themes to group Fellows and promote synergetic and interdisciplinary postdoctoral research.

Below the Max Weber Fellows for 2014-2015 are listed by Thematich Research Groups. Not all fellows are currently associated with a Thematic Group, however they are welcome to participate in any of them. 

Governance, Constitutionalism and Democracy

  • Or Bassok (LAW Fellow)
  • Cristina Fasone (LAW Fellow)
  • Diane Fromage (LAW Fellow)
  • Zoe Lefkofridi (joint MWF/JMF)
  • Eric O'Connor (HEC Fellow)
  • Martijn Schoonvelde (SPS Fellow)
  • Florian Stoeckel (SPS Fellow)

Citizenship and Migration

  • Sayaka Chatani (HEC Fellow)
  • Diana Georgescu (HEC Fellow)
  • Sofiya Grachova (HEC Fellow)
  • Michael Kozakowski (HEC Fellow)
  • Fran Meissner (SPS Fellow)
  • Julija Sardelic (SPS Fellow)
  • Rutger Birnie (Res. SPS2)
  • Koen Doctor (Res. HEC2)
  • Caroline Mezger (Res. HEC3)
  • Sanne Noyon (Res. SPS3)
  • Stephanie Puessel (JMF)
  • Jacobus Van Den Brink (Res. LAW2)
  • Katecyna Burkush (Res. HEC2)
  • Michele Nori (RSC)
  • Olga Gnydiuk (Res. HEC)

Legal, Social and Political Theory and the History of Thought

  • Mohamed-Ali Adrauoi (SPS Fellow)
  • Juliana Bidadanure (SPS Fellow)
  • Barbara Bottalico (LAW Fellow)
  • Takahiro Chino (SPS Fellow)
  • William Edward Carruthers (HEC Fellow)
  • Franz Fillafer (HEC Fellow) 
  • Pablo Kalmanovitz (LAW Fellow)
  • Hent Kalmo (LAW Fellow)
  • Robert Lepenies (LAW Fellow)
  • Magdalena Malecka (LAW Fellow)
  • Antonio Marzal Yetano (LAW Fellow)
  • Julia McClure (HEC Fellow)
  • Garvan Walshe (SPS Fellow) 

Inequality and Efficiency in Education and Labour Markets

  • Megan Andrew (SPS Fellow)
  • Ylenia Brilli (ECO Fellow)
  • Emmanuel Comte (HEC)
  • Elena Esposito (ECO Fellow)
  • Ricardo Estrada Martinez (ECO Fellow)
  • Silvana Tarlea (SPS Fellow)
  • Members of Macroeconomic Workingroup (ECO) and Social Inequality Working Group (SPS)

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa: The Design and Governance of Monetary and Fiscal Policies and Financial Regulation in the European Union

  • Axelle Arquie (ECO Fellow)
  • Georgina Banulescu (ECO Fellow)
  • Damien Gerard (LAW Fellow) 
  • Lukas Martin Haffert (SPS Fellow)
  • Eileen Keller (SPS Fellow)
  • Thomas Raineau (HEC Fellow)  
  • Federica Romei (RSCAS Fellow) 
  • Pierre Scholosser (Res. SPS)

Europe in the World: Foreign Relations, International Security, World Politics

  •  Michal Onderco (SPS Fellow)

Find here more informations on "Europe in the World"


Fellows not assigned to a Thematic Research Group

  • Scott Abramson (SPS Fellow)
  • Lian Allub (ECO Fellow)
  • Aranzazu Crespo Rodriguez (ECO Fellow)
  • Martin Dumav (ECO Fellow)
  • Victor Farinha Luz (ECO Fellow)
  • Moti Michaeli (ECO Fellow)
  • Meha Priyardarshini (HEC Fellow)
  • Annika Wolf (LAW Fellow)
  • Nan Zhang (SPS Fellow)



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