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Working Groups

During their staying at the EUI the Max Weber Fellows have the opportunity to take part in the activities of working groups close to their research interests. 

Here we publish the activities of those that are brought to our attention for dissemination purposes.

Nationalism working group 2018

The Nationalism  Working Group is an interdisciplinary framework for the discussion of current research projects in the field of nationalism, as well as the most recent developments in the scholarly assessment of this complex phenomenon.

We intend to cover theoretical, conceptual and empirical research on nationalist movements, sub-state nationalism, citizenship, colonialism and anti-colonial movements, diaspora nationalism, nationalist ideology and indifference, border studies and many other fields and problems in the past or in the present.

To know more about our activities please visit our site.

We strongly encourage the participation of Max Weber Fellows working on nationalism in all its forms, and we would like to invite those who are interested in presenting their work or interested in the fields of nationalism to contact the working group coordinator: Benoit Vaillot


Upcoming event:

Minority Protection and the Foundations of Human Rights

a talk by

León Castellanos-Jankiewicz (Law Max Weber Fellow)

22 January 2018, 17:00-19:00, Seminar Room 3, Badia Fiesolana




Quantitative methods working group 2016-17

quantitative methods

Established last year, the Working Group aims to bring together those who are interested in quantitative methods, and to assist effective knowledge exchange, in collaboration with the EUI Data Clinic.

The working group has three main activities:

  • Presentations

  • Presentations have a similar format to standard presentations, except that a presenter will talk more about the methodological aspects/issues of his/her research rather than his/her findings, and the audience will give feedback specifically on these points.

  • In the Reading/Discussion, one topic will be assigned to each session, where two or three participants will give a short presentation of the papers on the topic and discuss them with the audience.

  • The Workshops are about specific topics in quantitative methods by those who specialize in them.

If you are interested in presenting or discussing presentations, proposing a text for a Reading/Discussion session, or to give a lecture at one of the workshops send an email to akisato.suzuki@eui.eu, julia.schulte-cloos@eui.eu, or giorgio.malet@eui.eu, outlining your topic(s) of interest/expertise.

Visit the working group coordination platform for updates on the Group developments.

Page last updated on 18 January 2018