Max Weber Fellows Alumni about their EUI and MWP experience


The Max Weber Fellowship at the EUI has been both a decisive contribution to my academic “coming of age”, and a beautiful intellectual and personal experience. If what you look for in a post-doc is a rich intellectual environment, a year-long exposure to best academic practice, and excellent training, then the MW Programme would come top of my list. As a small additional bonus, I should mention the opportunity to make life-long friends and to live for a while in one of the nicest spots on the planet.

Francesco Maiani


The Tuscan sun, Italian food and breathtaking views from office windows are all part of the Max Weber experience, but when thinking back upon it, they are not the first thing that comes to mind. Rather, I think of the friendships with scholars from all over the world that were forged in this privileged setting. The stimulating conversations begun in Florence will shape my work for years to come.

Helen Callaghan

The opportunity to spend a year exchanging ideas with forty other scholars at the beginning of their careers was simply phenomenal. I made friends with people from across Europe and other parts of the world, learned about cutting-edge research in other fields, and developed my skills as an academic professional. All of this in one of the most beautiful settings I have ever experienced.

Brigitte Le Normand



There is a peculiar community living and pursuing research around the hills and the narrow streets of San Domenico, the ville and the research facilities of EUI. My experience as a Max Weber Fellow has been as unique as the landscape, made of the people I met and talked with, faculty, researchers, staff, and most of all my fellows, an amazingly heterogeneous group of young scholars and friends.

Anna Lo Prete

When I arrived to Villa La Fonte in 2006, as a member of the very first cohort of Max Weber fellows, I had certain doubts if this new “experimental” post doctoral programme could seriously alter my established views on what are “best academic practices.” After very short period of time I quickly realised one very simple fact: The Max Weber Fellowship gives a unique chance to convert various international and multidisciplinary academic and teaching experiences into a single comprehensible language of contemporary international academic and teaching culture.

Roman Petrov

The Max Weber Programme is an ambitious interdisciplinary postdoctoral program that helped me develop my academic career in a significant way. During my MW Fellowship I had one of the most productive and creative period of my academic life. No doubt, that happened because I had the opportunity to work at such a wonderful place like Villa La Fonte and above all, because I benefited from discussing and sharing my ideas with a group of highly skilled and extremely motivated fellow Fellows.

Rubén Ruiz-Rufino


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