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Two-Year Fellowships

Economics applicants are all awarded two-year Fellowships, while Fellows in other disciplines may apply for a limited number of second year extensions in their first year.The two-year Fellowships involve additional academic activities in the EUI departments, such as limited graduate teaching.

Fellows who have been awarded a two-year Fellowship are primarily affiliated with the Max Weber Programme in the first year and follow more or less the same programme as the one-year Fellows. However, the job search is postponed to the second year and the Teaching Module is expanded over the two years.

In the second year, the Fellows are primarily affiliated with a Department, where they further develop their training in research and teaching. The Fellow is expected to teach and mentor PhD students in the department for no more than a total of 30 hours over the 2 years.

Second-year Fellows also maintain their affiliation with the Max Weber Programme and are expected to participate in its multidisciplinary research activities.

Page last updated on 07 October 2019

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