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Fellows on the Job Market

 Find below a list of MW Fellows currently on the job market by department


Maxim Goryunov

PhD awarding institution: PhD in Economics, CERGE-EI 2016

EUI Mentor: Andrea Galeotti      

Fields of Interest:    Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Costly Information Acquisition

Job Preference: Academia

References: Jakub Steiner (CERGE-EI and University of Edinburgh), Philipp Kircher (EUI), Andrea Galeotti (EUI)  

Personal Homepage: https://sites.google.com/site/maximgoryunov89/

Seetha Menon 

PhD awarding institution:  University of Essex

PhD Title:  Public health issues in India and UK - Child mortality and survival expectations.

EUI Mentor:  Andrea Ichino

References: Adeline Delavande (University of Essex), Sonia Bhalotra (University of Essex) and Andrea Ichino (EUI)  

Fields of Interest: Applied Microeconomics in Health and Development.  

Personal Homepage: https://www.seetha-menon.com/

Kym Pram 

PhD awarding institution: Northwestern University

PhD Title: 

EUI Mentor: Piero Gottardi

References:  Eddie Dekel (Northwestern University), Alessadro Pavan (Northwestern University), Piero Gottardi (EUI)

Fields of Interest:  Microeconomic Theory                

Job Preference: 

Country Preference:           

Personal Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/kympram


History and Civilization

Angelo Caglioti

PhD awarding institution: University of California, Berkeley

PhD Title: "Meteorological Imperialism. Climate Science, Environment, and Empire in Liberal and Fascist Italy (1870-1940)"

EUI Mentor: Lucy Riall, Corinna Unger

References: Massimo Mazzotti, Thomas W. Laqueur, James Vernon

Fields of Interest:  Late Modern European History, History of Empire, History of Science, Environmental History, Environmental Humanities                 

Job Preference: European History, History of Science, Environmental History


Leonardo Carrió Cataldi

PhD awarding institution:  École des hautes études en sciences sociales (EHESS, Paris) – Scuola Normale Superiore (SUM/SNS, Firenze)

PhD Title:  Temps, science et empire. Conceptions du temps au XVIe siècle dans les monarchies ibériques

EUI Mentor:  Jorge Flores

References: Antonella Romano (EHESS), José Pardo-Tomás (CSIC), Jorge Flores (EUI).                      

Fields of Interest: Early modern history of empires, Iberian monarchies, history of science and technology, early modern material and intellectual cultures.                   

Job Preference: assistant professor / research position


Katherina Maria Motyl

PhD awarding institution: University of Chicago

PhD Title: "Bodies That Shimmer: An Embodied History of Vienna's New Women, 1893-1931" 

EUI Mentor: Pieter Judson 

References: Tara Zahra, Leora Auslander                    

Fields of Interest: Gender and Sexuality; Cultural and Social History; Urban History; Body and Emotions; Feminisms; Modern Central and Eastern Europe; Habsburg Empire and Successor States        

Job Preference: Academic



PhD Awarding Institution: Ankara University, Turkey

PhD Title: Public International Law (Department of Public Law) – PhD Thesis title: “International Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Weapons”

EUI Mentor: Richard Bellamy

References: Richard Bellamy, Martin Scheinin & Karin Tilmans           

Fields of Interest: Public international law, international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflict, human rights, international peace and security     

Job Preference: Assistant professorship, lectureship and post-doctoral position

Country Preference: European, Australian and Canadian Universities

Personal Homepage: https://me.eui.eu/saeed-bagheri/

León Castellanos-Jankiewicz

PhD awarding institution: The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

PhD Title: Minority Protection and the Foundations of Human Rights

EUI Mentor: Bruno de Witte

References: Andrea Bianchi (The Graduate Institute, Geneva), Andrew Clapham (The Graduate Institute, Geneva), Samuel Moyn (Yale University).

Fields of Interest: international human rights law, the history of international law, comparative constitutional law, international organizations and international legal theory.

Job Preference: Assistant Professor

Ioanna Hadjiyianni 

PhD awarding institution:  King's College London 

PhD Title:  The Exercise and Control of EU Regulatory Power beyond EU borders through Internal Environmental Measures with Extraterritorial Implications. 

EUI Mentor:  Professor Joanne Scott

References: (max 3) Joanne Scott, Eloise Scotford, Federico Ortino                  

Fields of Interest: EU law, environmental and climate change law, WTO law.            

Job Preference: academic position (research and teaching)             

Personal Homepage: https://me.eui.eu/ioanna-hadjiyianni/

Bernardo Rangoni 

PhD awarding institution: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

PhD Title: Uncertainty and Experimentalist Policymaking in Internal Market Regulation by the European Commission: Cases on Electricity and Gas Policy

EUI Mentor: Professor Giorgio Monti

References:  Martin Lodge, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Department of Government, LSE; Mark Thatcher, Professor of Comparative and International Politics, Department of Government, LSE; Jonathan Zeitlin, Professor of Public Policy and Governance and Distinguished Faculty Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam (UvA)                       

Fields of Interest: Comparative public policy and administration; Regulation, EU governance, EU public policy and integration, network industries 

Job Preference: Postdoctoral Fellowship or Assistant Professorship 


Political and Social Sciences

 Per Andersson 

PhD awarding institution:  Lund University

PhD Title: PhD in Political Science

EUI Mentor: Philipp Genschel

References: Professor Johannes Lindvall. Professor Jan Teorell.             

Fields of Interest: Comparative politics, political economy, democratization, politics of taxation.     

Job Preference: Assistant Professorship; Post-doctoral Fellowship

Giulia Dotti Sani 

PhD awarding institution: University of Trento (Sociology and Social Research) 

PhD Title: Presence of children and inequality in the household: employment, domestic chores and earnings in European heterosexual couples

EUI Mentor: Fabrizio Bernardi & Anton Hemerijck

References:  [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]                 

Fields of Interest:    Sociology of the family; social stratification; social change; gender inequalities.              

Job Preference: Assistant professor

Country Preference: Italy

Personal Homepage: https://me.eui.eu/giulia-maria-dotti-sani

Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies


Stefano Marcuzzi 

PhD awarding institution: University of Oxford

PhD Title: Anglo-Italian Relations during the First World War

EUI Mentor: Luigi Narbone

References: Hew Strachan (St. Andrews University), Cathal Nolan (BU), Luigi Narbone (EUI)

Fields of Interest: Strategic Studies, History, International Relations

Job preference: post-doc; assistant professor/lecturer; international organizations policy analyst

Joao Rafael Sousa da Cunha 

PhD awarding institution: Graduate Institute, Geneva

PhD Title: Political Economy of U.S. Financial Regulation

EUI Mentor: Youssef Cassis

Fields of Interest: Finance, Monetary Economics, International Macroeconomics and Finance, Macroeconomics, Financial and Monetary History, Political Economy

References: Ugo Panizza (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies), Rahul Mukherjee (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies), David Levine (European University Institute)

Personal Homepage: http://joaorafaelcunha.wixsite.com/home





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