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BAQUERO, Pablo Marcello


Max Weber Fellow 2018-2019

Email: [email protected]
Tel: (+39)-055-4685-435  (ext: 2435)
Office: BF 237

European University Institute
Max Weber Programme
Via dei Roccettini, 9
50014 San Domenico di Fiesole

Departmental affiliation: LAW

Mentor: Hans Micklitz
Thematic Group: n/a


Pablo Marcello Baquero is currently concluding a PhD thesis at the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge (UK). He holds an LLM from Harvard Law School and an LLB from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. His scholarly interests are in the fields of Transnational Private Law, International Commercial Law and Law and Society, with an emphasis on the challenges that ‘knowledge economy’ forms of production generate in these areas. His perspective is fundamentally comparative and interdisciplinary, considering the intersection of law with economics, business and sociology.

His thesis, ‘Networks of Collaborative Contracts for Innovation’, examines how legal institutions could be structured to encourage the creation of inter-firm relationships to generate innovation collaboratively.

Pablo has worked in law firms dealing with international transactions, arbitration and contractual practices. He was a short-term consultant at the Doing Business Project (World Bank) and interned at the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law.

His past publications mostly analyzed how Private Law should respond to challenges posed by emerging technologies.

During the Max Weber Fellowship, he will be pursuing research to further examine – from a different perspective – what the Private Law governing the knowledge economy should be and will be preparing his PhD thesis for publication.

Pablo was a teaching assistant on Consumer Law at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), teaching to small groups including foreign students undertaking exchange studies at the University.

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