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DONIEC, Katarzyna Julia

DIONEC Katarzyna

Max Weber Fellow 2020-2021 (Polish Grant)

Email: [email protected]
Tel: (+39)-055-4685-794 (ext: 2794)
Office: VPAD 06

European University Institute
Max Weber Programme
Via dei Roccettini, 9
50014 San Domenico di Fiesole

Departmental affiliation: Political and Social Sciences

Mentor: Arnout van de Rijt


Katarzyna Doniec is a Max Weber Fellow in the Department of Political and Social Sciences. She is completing her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Cambridge. She also holds an M.Phil. in Social Psychology from Cambridge, and an M.A. in Psychology from the Jagiellonian University in Poland.

Katarzyna’s research interests are in Social Determinants of Health (SDH), a multidisciplinary subfield between medical sociology, social psychology, epidemiology and political economy. Broadly speaking, she is interested in how what Tesh has called ‘hidden arguments’ (Ann Intern Med. 1988;109(9):766. DOI: 10.7326/0003-4819-109-9-766) can affect collective health and well-being. These latent ideas, resulting from cultural values, or political ideologies, shape our reality in a very tangible way, via health policies, health-related behaviours or macroeconomic policies. In her doctoral work, Katarzyna presents empirical evidence, as well as a theoretical argument supporting the idea that culture is an important, but overlooked element of the SDH framework, and that societal values have important and independent contributions to cross-country differences in health outcomes and subjective well-being.

As a Max Weber Fellow, Katarzyna plans to continue her research on cultural determinants of health and to develop her doctoral thesis into a book manuscript. 

Expertise for Teaching and Mentoring of Ph.D. Researchers

In Cambridge, Katarzyna supervised undergraduate courses on social determinants of health and graduate courses on quantitative research methods.

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