Teaching Abroad 2013

The MWP has set up a teaching exchange with UPF, Barcelona, Humboldt University, Berlin, and with the LSE, London where Max Weber Fellows have the opportunity to have a week’s intensive teaching experience with professional feedback. The MWP intends to expand their MWP teaching abroad network in the future. 

For more information on the Teaching Exchanges that will take place in 2013, see below.


LSE Teaching Exchange 18-22 Feburary 2013

The following Max Weber Fellows will take part in the Teaching Module at LSE: 

  • David Pretel (HEC)

  • Annaig Morin (ECO)

  • Migle Laukyte (LAW)

  • Jean Beaman (SPS)

  • Fabien Le Bot (LAW)

  • Maria Laura Sudulich (SPS)

  • Tomas Dumbrovsky (LAW) 

The exchange is set up by the Max Weber Programme and LSE Teaching and Learning Centre. The fellows give a public lecture, a seminar and receive professional feedback on their performance from Nick Byrne, Director and Neil McLean Professor at LSE Teaching & Learning Centre. Fellows will also have meetings with LSE faculty working in their field.

UPF Teaching Exchange 2013 13-19 May 2013

The following Max Weber Fellows will take part in the Teaching Module at UPF:   

  • Matthew Hoye (HEC)

  • Janine Balter (ECO)

  • Thomas Beukers (LAW)

  • Aidan Regan (SPS)

  • Jenny Hillman (HEC)
  • Michael Rousakis (ECO)

  • Charles Brendon (ECO)

  • Elena Dumitrescu (ECO) 

The UPF-MWP, Barcelona, teaching exchange has been set up in collaboration with the Vice-Chancellor of UPF, Maria Morras, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Mireia Trench, and the coordinator of the MWP exchange at UPF, Pau Solà.

All fellows will be teaching a couple of sessions within the undergraduate courses and they will have to give a talk on a topic related to their research. They will also be in contact with Master and Doctorate students and professors of the respective Faculties and Departments hosting their teaching.

HUMBOLDT University Teaching Exchange 27-31 May 2013

The following Max Weber Fellows will take part in the Teaching Module at Humboldt University:

  • Julia Cordero Coma (SPS)

  • Konrad Lawson (HEC)

  • Gabrielle Clark (LAW)

  • Kalle Kananoje (HEC)

  • Daniel Horn (SPS)  

The exchange is set up by the Max Weber Programme and Humboldt University, Berlin. The module has three components:

  • Class observance (prior to teaching): MWP fellows will observe the group that they are going to give the tutorial to during a language class (English for Specific Purposes). The colleague teaching the class will afterwards discuss all technical and other details of the tutorial to be taught by the fellow.
  • Tutorial: Three convenors will observe the tutorial and give feedback to the fellow. The students fill out feedback forms which can be discussed in the feedback session. Other fellows may attend the tutorial and the feedback session.
  • Lecture: MWP fellows give an open undergraduate lecture in their own discipline. The convenors will attend the lecture and there will be a feedback session. Other fellows may attend the lecture and the feedback session.

The Humboldt staff responsible for the organisation of the module are Connie Hacke and David Bowskill. 



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