Centre For Judicial Cooperation

Centre For Judicial Cooperation (CJC)

e-NACT kick-off meeting 4 December 2017

The Centre for Judicial Cooperation is hosted at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and, headed by Professor Deirdre Curtin since January 2016. It was initially up in December 2011 as a project of the Law Department of the European University Institute, with the main purpose of establishing a space for collaboration and exchange of knowledge between legal practitioners and the academic community on topics related to judicial dialogue.

Through its activities and expertise, the Centre aims to provide a framework for judicial cooperation and interaction. For this reason, the Centre engages both practitioners and academics to participate in various activities ranging from workshops and conferences to pure research and policy endeavors. In order to disseminate the results of its work, the Centre publishes open access papers, such as handbooks, reports, and ‘distinguished Lectures’ papers addressing the judicial and academic communities.

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