Transnational Training Events

Throughout the project 5 Transnational Training Workshops will gather national judges and lawyers coming from all the Member States. These workshops will be structured as experimental laboratories where participants will actively engage with the scope of application and effects of the Charter in different areas of law, as well as the potential of judicial interaction techniques.

The Workshops will provide the participants with a platform of transnational mutual exchange of their experiences, difficulties and good practices related to the application of the Charter. They will therefore offer the environment where there are no longer major obstacles that usually prevent legal practitioners from benefiting of dialogue with their colleagues and with academics – time-constraints, linguistic skills, accessibility of sources.

The transnational trainings will address the following areas of law :

  • Freedom of expression and countering hate speech
  • Social rights in the labour field
  • Children’s rights
  • Data protection
  • Asylum and immigration law

Each Workshop will run for 2 days, and will involve a target group of 30 of legal practitioners.

The training will be based on the training materials drafted within the project:

  • thematic Handbooks
  • e-booklet on the use of the Charter
  • Hypothetical cases

If you want to participate to the Transnational training please check the CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS


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