e-learning National Active Charter Training

e-NACT kick-off meeting 

e-NACT Project is a DG Justice supported project providing for a training methodology and training activities that, coupled with the expertise of the trainers involved, foster the emergence and consolidation of a common culture of fundamental rights.

For the purpose of addressing the aforementioned needs, the Project will offer systematic, interdisciplinary, interconnected and combined in person and e-learning training on: data protection; asylum and immigration; freedom of expression and combating hate-speech; children rights; and social rights in labour law. To this end, the e-NACT Project will provide transnational platforms of confrontation and mutual learning between academics and legal practitioners from different Member States.

By discussing with academics and with foreign colleagues their difficulties or good practices with respect to the application of the Charter, legal practitioners will deepen their understanding of the Charter and equip themselves of new instruments and notions to use it effectively. In turn, academics will transfuse the experience gathered in the Project’s toolkit.

If you want to participate to the Transnational training please check the CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS


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Project implemented with financial support of the Fundamental Rights & Citizenship Programme of the European Union (JUST/2013/FRC/AG)