European Forecasting Network


With the aim of analysing the functioning of the European Monetary Union, the European Forecasting Network (EFN) produces quarterly reports that provide:

  • an overview and critical analysis of the current economic situation in the Euro area
  • short-term forecasts of the main macroeconomic and financial variables
  • an analysis of the policy implications of the forecasts
  • a large-scale multi-country evaluation of the economic effects of the policies  
  • in-depth study of topics of particular relevance for the working of the European Monetary Union.

The EFN combines the economic expertise of Departments of Economics (Bocconi, Carlos III, the European University Institute, University of Cambridge), the quantitative skills of Departments of Statistics and Econometrics (University of Barcelona, Carlos III and Erasmus University), and the practical experience of research centres (CEPII and the Halle Institute for Economic Research). 


The European Commission supports the EUI through the European Union budget.



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