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- European Networking and Training for National Competition Enforcers - for Judges is a training programme for national judges of the EU Member States actively dealing with competition law cases. ENTraNCE for Judges provides participants with an overview of the EU competition law and an introduction to the economic theories underpinning its enforcement.

Each edition focuses on a specific aspect of competition law enforcement and produces a collection of case-notes prepared and presented by participating judges. So far, more than 200 national judges from all over the European Union have partecipated in the ENTraNCE for Judges programme.



  • 3-4 day Residential training: judges attend seminars taught by EUI professors, guest speakers from other top international academic institutes, and from the European institutions and national courts dealing with competition law proceedings. 
  • E-learning: through a dedicated online platform judges periodically receive reading materials – academic articles, European and national case-law and other relevant documents  - and interact by posting and commenting news concerning recent competition law developments.
  • Case-notes: judges summarise and comment on national judgements related to the field of competition law in case-notes, exchanged on the online platform and published in the Working Paper Series of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advances Studies, following each training edition. The aim of the publication is to increase the understanding of the challenges faced by the national judiciary in enforcing national and EU competition in the context of the decentralized regime of competition law enforcement introduced by Reg. 1/2003.  
  • 2-day Final workshop: at the EUI in Florence. Judges participating in the training present their case-notes and have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with judges invited from national and EU supreme courts.



2018 - ongoing

Recent developments in economic analysis of competition law


Residential Training Programme

Download Final Programme


The role of national courts in State aid proceedings


Private Enforcement of EU competition law 


Types of abuse of dominance: the law and the economics perspectives



Competition law proceedings and fundamental rights


The assessment of economic experts’ evidence before national courts


The enforcement of State aid rules by national judges



Private enforcement of competition law and the enforcement of competition law in network industries





ENTraNCE for Judges 2018 - Residential Training Programme

ENTraNCE for Judges 2017 - Booklet

Flyer ENTraNCE for Judges 2018

The first ENTraNCE book has been published by Edward Elgar Publishing. The book, titled "Abuse of Dominance in EU Competition Law - Emerging Trends" is edited by Pier Luigi Parcu, Giorgio Monti and Marco Botta.


ENTraNCE for Judges is co-financed by the Directorate General for Competition of the European Commission



Pier Luigi Parcu

Scientific Coordinator


Giorgio Monti

Logistics coordinator


Elisabetta Spagnoli

Project Manager


Claudio Mazzetti


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