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  • Wanted-the-best_rifProf. Luciano Bardi gave a speech in the final roundtable of the conference "The Presidentialization and the Personalization of Parties" organized by La Sapienza University of Rome. Abstract: what actually makes a President of the Republic a leader in (semi) presidential regimes? And when, if ever, is it possible that a party leader, once he or she has become the head of government in a parliamentary regime, can come close to the style of leadership in similar cases in which the separation of powers exists? If the institutions influence the behavior of politicians, and thus of the parties, it is necessary to understand and explain if and in what way it is possible to refer to ‘presidentialized’ party organizations outside of the institutional context that defines its characteristics: the presidential regime.


  • Logo_Università_di_CagliariUniversity of Cagliari: Luciano Bardi gave a speech about the current state of research on the organizational aspects of political parties in Europe. Cagliari (Italy), 21-22 May 2015



  • RSCAS Seminar Series: The Politics of Constrained Discretion in the Age of Austerity: Analysing the Capacities, Preferences and Responsiveness of Political Parties 25 March - 16:30 to 18:00 @   Seminar Room, Villa Malafrasca. Talk given by Takako Imai, Seikei University Tokyo. Discussants: Luciano Bardi, Stefano Bartolini


socialistandeuropeConference "Evolution of the European Idea in the programmatic approach of selected socialist parties", organised by Foundation for European Progressive Studies

Paris, 30 January 2015



europartitiEnrico Calossi lectures about Europarties at the University of Florence in a seminar on behalf of Cires Consortium

Florence (Italy), 19 November 2014



EUI, Florence, 18-19 September 2014


Eugenio Pizzimenti and Enrico Calossi presented the Paper Hierarchy, stratarchy and party denationalisation. The Italian parties (1991-2012) at the 28th Conference of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP).

Perugia (Italy), 11-13 September 2014



Luciano Bardi talked about the process of selection of European political parties top candidates for next european elections, in a workshop organised by the "Catalunya-Europa Foundation".
Barcelona (Spain), 8 May 2014


Luciano Bardi gave a plenary lecture on “Political parties, responsibility and responsiveness in multi-level democracy” at the ECPR Join Sessions.

Salamanca (Spain), 11 April 2014



controradioicona1Enrico Calossi speaks about European Elections atControRadio, 7 April 2014





LUISSEnrico Calossi gave a lesson on the Electoral Process and the next European Elections at LUISS-Roma

Rome (Italy), 2 April 2014




convegnogenovaLuciano Bardi and Enrico Calossi talked about Europarties in the Conference "I Partiti Europei", organised by the University of Genova.

Genova (Italy), 30-31 January 2014



electionsineurope2013 EUDO Dissemination Conference: Elections in Europe in Times of Crisis

European University Institute in Florence, 28-29 November 2013



Dinestorming: How to improve democratic participation in Europe?


Hanspeter Kriesi



Wojciech Gagatek



Enrico Calossi



ItalyandEuropeEnrico Calossi talked about "Italian Political Elite and the European Integration" in the conference "Italy and the Promotion of the European Integration Process".

University of Pisa (Italy), 21 November 2013 


DusseldorfLuciano Bardi and Eugenio Pizzimenti participated "Parties, Society & Democracy" a Conference of the Political Party Database Project.

Dusseldorf (Germany), 10-12 October 2013



Enrico Calossi has talked about "European Political Foundations" at the conference "Political Foundations in Europe: Mobilising the Citizens and Raising Political Culture", organised by the European Liberal Forum (ELF).

Ljubljana (Slovenia), 10-11 October 2013




Enrico Calossi and Eugenio Pizzimenti participated the conference XVII SISP Conference and presented the paper "The Degree of Centralization of Candidate Selection Procedures: the Italian Case".

Florence (Italy), 13 September 2013




At the 7th ECPR General Conference Wojciech Gagatek chaired the panel "Long-term Trends and Recent Changes in Party Politics at EU Level" where Luciano Bardi presented the paper "Normal Versus European Party Democracy: Some Theoretical Reflections" written jointly with Enrico Calossi.

Bordeaux (France), 4-7 September 2013


- Enrico Calossi and Wojciech Gagatek lectured at the Summer School "Parliamentary Democracy in Europe"

organised by LUISS School of Government

Rome, 8-19 July 2013


denaroepoliticaEugenio Pizzimenti participated the conference "Denaro e partiti, come cambiare? Idee per l’Italia"

organised by Collegio Carlo Alberto

Moncalieri (Torino), 22 May 2013



Workshop in honor of Peter Mair by his former Ph.D. supervisees.

Conveners: Ferdinand Müller-Rommel currently part-time professor at the SPS Department, (EUI), Fernando Casal Bértoa (Univ. Leiden)  Programme

Florence (EUI), Theatre (Badia Fiesolana) 26-27 February, 2013; 09:00-17:00



Conference "Political Foundations at the European Level. Five years in Promoting Democratic Political Culture in the European Union"

organised by the Observatory on Political Parties and Representation (OPPR), and hosted by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament. Video of the conference

European Parliament, Brussels.

Tuesday 26 February 2013, Room B001 Building PHS Fifth Floor


- Luciano Bardi chaired the panel "Democratic Contestation and Policy Responses" at the EUDO Dissemination Conference.

Wojciech Gagatek (University of Warsaw ad OPPR collaborator) with Steven Van Hecke (University of Leuven) discussed his presentation “Never Waste a Good Crisis? Europarties, Governance and Democracy in the EU”

Florence (Italy), 22-23 November 2012, Sala del Capitolo, Badia Fiesolana


- Responsive or Responsible? Parties, Democracy and Global Markets. A conference in honour of Peter Mair.

Florence (Italy), 26-28 September 2012, Theatre, Badia Fiesolana. 


- Luciano Bardi participated the XXII World Conference of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), Madrid, 8-12 July 2012. He coordinated as chair the following panels: Electoral Systems and Political Personnel Recruitment and Electoral Systems and Political Personnel Selection in Multi-Level Polities. Eugenio Pizzimenti and Enrico Calossi presented the paper "Electoral Systems and Candidate Selection Processes: the Italian Case".


- Enrico Calossi participated theCongress of the “Società Italiana di Scienza Politica”, and presented the paper “Alla sinistra dei Socialisti. Attori politici in cerca di definizione” [“At the left of Socialists. Political actors looking for a definition"] written jointly with Fabio Sozzi (Universitá di Genova).

Roma (Italy), 13 September 2012.


- Enrico Calossi held a lesson, titled "Europeanisation of Political Parties. The Emergence of Europarties", at the Metropolitní Univerzita Praha.

Prague (Czech Republic), 9 May 2012


- Luciano Bardi participated the seminar "European citizenship and Democracy: reform of the law on elections and European political parties",held by the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona.

Barcelona (Spain), 3 May 2012 


- Luciano Bardi attended the roundtable "Democratic Europe" in the behalf of the Conference "A Renaissance for Europe. Towards a Common Progressive Vision", organised by the Foundation of European Progressive Studies.

Paris (France), 16 March 2012


- Wojciech Gagatek (University of Warsaw, OPPR) and Steven Van Hecke (University of Antwerp) presented their EUDO Working Paper "Towards Policy-Seeking Europarties? The Development of European Political Foundations" at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

Brussels (Belgium), 23 November 2011


- "RSCAS Seminar Series: The People, the Parties and Europe", organised by Duncan McDonnell and Isabelle Guinaudeau, Chaired by Stefano Bartolini.  Enrico Calossi presented the paper "Models of Affiliation and Disaffiliation of European National Parties to the Europarties".

Florence (Italy) Villa Malafrasca, Wednesday 23 November 2011


''EUDO Dissemination Conference'', participated by prof. Luciano Bardi,  Wojciech Gagatek, and Enrico Calossi.

Brussels, EP Headquarters, 9-10 November 2011


- "EU Integration Forum", organised by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and participated by Wojciech Gagatek.

Essen (Germany), 19-20 September 2011


- Panel "Representation and Political Parties in the European Union" hosted in the Annual Conference of the Italian Political Science Association and sponsored by OPPR and chaired by Luciano Bardi and Enrico Calossi.

Palermo (Italy), 8-10 September 2011


- Workshop within the Max Weber June Conference on "European Integration, Political Parties, and Public Opinion"", co-sponsored by EUDO and OPPR, organized by Galina Zapryanova and Kyriaki Nanou.

Florence (Italy), European University Institute,   9 June 2011. Conference Room


- Workshop on "The Politics of Representation" supported by EUDO and OPPR and organized by Prof. Peter Mair, David Willumsen, Jorge Fernandes.

European University Institute, Florence, Italy, 24-25 May 2011

Emeroteca, Badia Fiesolana


- Conference “Dimension Seminar on the Role of Political Parties in the Political Process” by the 2011 Lithuanian Chairmanship of the OSCE and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

Warsaw, Poland - 18-20 May 2011, Info: http://meetings.odihr.pl     


- Lecture of Professor Peter Mair, OPPR co-director, on "Political Parties and Government" at the annual doctoral conference of the Central European University

Budapest, 29 April 2011


- EUDO Dissemination Conference "Approaching European Democracy"

Silken Berlaymont Hotel Brussels - 18-19 November 2010


- Conference organised by the Observatory on Public Opinion on Internet and Voting

EUI, Villa La Fonte, Florence - 3-4 June 2010


- Presentation of EUDO Citizenship and OPPR research results hosted by the European Parliament. Click here to see the video of the event

EP Headquarters, Brussels - 2 June 2010, 18.30-20.00.


- Joint workshop on “Party adaptation to the Lisbon Treaty”, chaired by Luciano Bardi and Adrianne Héritier, on behalf of the EUSA & ECPR conference “The Implementation of the Lisbon Treaty: Institutional and Policy Implications

EUI, Villa la Fonte, Florence - 27 April 2010


- How to Maximise the Influence of the European Parliament in the Light of the Lisbon Treaty, in Order to Implement the Social Agenda and Get the Citizens Closer to the EU, EUDO Presentation of the Study

Bruxelles - 14 April 2010


- Launch of EUDO Cafe'

EUI, Florence - 15 March 2010 


- EUDO Launch Conference: Observing European Democracy

EUI, Florence - 3-4 December 2009  


- The World eDemocracy Forum rewards EU Profiler with e-Democracy Award

Paris - 22 October 2009 


EUDO Lecture

by Christian Kremer, Deputy Secretary-General of the European People's Party (EPP) "The European Parliament after the Lisbon Treaty"

EUI, Florence - 13 October 2009


- 19th ECPR Standing Group Summer School Political Parties and European Democracy

EUI, Florence - 15-26 September 2009


- The 2009 EP Elections: A Preliminary Assessment

EUI, Florence - 10 June 2009



EU Profiler

Official Launch

Brussels, 23 April 2009


- Are European Elections Useful?

Sciences Po, Paris - Friday, 17 April 2009



- Workshop: The Legislators of Europe

EUI, Florence - 6-8 April  2009



- Bringing Civil Society In: The European Union and the Rise of Representative Democracy

EUI, Florence - 13–14 March 2009


Protected Materials


- Workshop on Political Parties at the European Level as Campaign Organizations

EUI, Florence - 4 December 2008




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OPPR's coordinator Lorenzo Cicchi published a new book

OPPR's coordinator Lorenzo Cicchi published a new book

Is euro-voting truly supranational? National affiliation and political group membership in European Parliament
'Pathways to Power' research project:  presentation of preliminary findings

'Pathways to Power' research project: presentation of preliminary findings

15 February, 2016 - Institute for Government, London

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