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Internet and Voting Conference


Observatory on Public Opinion   in partnership with the University of California, Irvine


The conference is jointly organized by Alexander H. Trechsel and Mark Franklin, EUDO at the EUI and Bernie Grofman, University of California, Irvine, and coordinated by Andrea Calderaro, EUI


The Conference will explore new theoretical and/or empirical insights into the linkage between voting and internet based information and communication technologies.


The Conference will take place at the EUI (Villa La Fonte) on 3 and 4 June 2010. 



3 June Day 1



09h 15 - Registration

09h 30 – Alex Trechsel and Mark Franklin, Introduction: Advances in the field of Internet and Voting

10h 20 – Andrea Calderaro (EUI), Digital Parties Divide

11h 10 - Coffee Break

11h 30 – Daniel Bochsler (CEU), Can the Internet Increase Political Participation? An analysis of Remote Electronic Voting’s Effect on Turnout

12h 20 – Discussion




14h 00 – Alex Trechsel and Kristjan Vassil (EUI), Internet Voting in Estonia: 2005-2009

14h 50 – Nele Leosk (e-Governance Accademy, Estonia), Internet Campaigning during Local Elections in Estonia in 2009

15h 40 – Coffee Break

16h 00 – Kenneth M. Winneg (UPen, US), Online Political Participation and Voting in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election: Mobilizing, Reinforcing, or Both?

16h 50 – Luana Russo and Michela Natilli (Sant’Anna University, Italy), An Analysis of the Impact of the Web on the Political Participation 

17h 40 – Discussion


4 June Day 2



09h 20 – Tetsukazu Okamoto Shoichiro Ishibashi (Kansai University, Japan), Do Candidates' Websites Have an Impact on the Vote? : Empirical Evidence from the 2007 Upper House Election in Japan 

10h 10 – Esteban Romero-Frías (University of Granada, Spain) and Liwen Vaughan (University of Western Ontario, Canada), Political Trends Based on Web Linkage Patterns - Individual Political Groups in EP

11h 00 - Coffee Break

11h 20 – Dai-Chi Liao (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan) and Fu-Ren Lin(National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan), Activation Energy of the Internet on Legislative Performance: Taiwan ’s Fifth Term Legislative Yuan (2002-2005)

12h 10 – Final Discussion

13h 00 – Working Closed


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