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Within the framework of the right of association recognized under Article 24b (Title I) of the Statutory Rules for Administrative Staff, a union branch linked to the Brussels branch of the Union of European and International Civil Servants (SFEI) was founded on 2 May 1977 at the EUI.

The Institute officially recognized the organization as being representative of the staff, and a framework agreement was signed.

Following developments of the UIL at Ispra, and upon joining the European public service union (Union Syndicale), the IUE-US Florence was established.

IUE-US Florence defends the trade-union liberties of its affiliates, members of the EUI administrative staff.

An executive board is elected by the Assembly according to the rules of the Statute. The current board was named on 9 November 2015 for a period of three years:


Agnès Brouet, President

Tel. int. 2618
Email [email protected]


  • Paolo Baglioni (vice-president)
  • Manuela Bastianelli (together with Agnès Brouet: relations with Brussels)
  • Laura Bechi (newsletter, new memberships and communication)
  • Bonnie Bonis (Web, administrative and organizational support)
  • Cécile Brière (member of the Sickness Insurance Management Committee, internal mailings, new memberships and communication)

  • Giovanni Giusti (financial matters, member of the Pension Reserve Fund Committee)

  • Michael Goerke (liaison with the Staff Committee, Web)
  • Sarah Ludemann (new memberships and communication, administrative and organizational support)


 Comité exécutif 2015

From left to right: Giovanni Giusti, Cécile Brière, Agnès Brouet, Laura Bechi, Michael Goerke, Sarah Ludemann,
Paolo Baglioni, Manuela Bastianelli, Bonnie Bonis