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Make the PhD / LLM Thesis available online


EUI Graduates from 1 September 2014

EUI PhD graduates defending after August 2014 must fill out the Revised Authorisation to Publish Form, print, sign and send or hand it in to the relevant departmental assistant. To authorise and make the thesis available online - and to obtain the diploma - the graduate must choose between:

  • Option A: immediate Open Access publication of the thesis
  • Option B: online publication of the thesis after a 4-year embargo period (starting from the defence date)


The EUI Academic Rules and Regulations for the Doctoral and Master's Programmes state (since 2013) in Article 9.13. 'Publication of Thesis' that:

"In accordance with the Convention setting up the EUI, Article 14 (1), theses approved by an Examining Board must be published.

Theses can be published on paper or in electronic format with an external publisher or in the open access electronic EUI repository. In the latter case, the copyright remains with the author. If the author decides not to agree to publication of the thesis in the EUI repository but fails to publish it with an external publisher within four years after the defence or has no firm indication of proximate publication, the EUI will automatically acquire the right to publish thesis in the EUI repository. These conditions shall be accepted by the author of the thesis in a signed agreement.

The version of the dissertation published in the EUI repository shall be the final accepted version. If minor corrections are requested by the Examining Board, the author shall carry these out immediately and shall submit the final corrected version to the department in which the thesis was supervised, together with a report on the corrections, within one month after the defence. In case of postponed conditional acceptance of the thesis and approval of revisions after the defence according to Art. 9.11, the author shall submit the final approved version of the dissertation to the department within one month after approval."


EUI Graduates Prior to September 2014

  • EUI PhD graduates who defended until August 2014 shall complete this Authorisation Form and send it to [email protected] in order to make the thesis available online in Open Access full-text.
  • Sometimes the thesis does not yet exist in electronic format. It is then possible to have it digitised (into a text-recognised (OCR-treated) PDF file). The  Authorisation Form has a space where the graduate can authorise the digitisation of the print copy of the thesis.

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