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Open Science Team

Lotta Svantesson, EUI Repository Manager & Open Access Coordinator


Contact and office hours

email: [email protected] and 

Tel. [+39] 055-4685 368

Fax [+39] 055-4685 283

Monday to Friday, 9.30-18.00

Open Science Team Office, Library Ground floor, BF278

Library, European University Institute

Via dei Roccettini 9

I-50014 San Domenico di Fiesole (I)


Simone Sacchi, Open Science Librarian

Monica Steletti, European Documentation and Special Collections

Christina Christou, Open Science Trainee

email: [email protected] - 2445

email: [email protected] - 2341

email: [email protected] - 2386


Page last updated on 03 October 2019