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About the web archive of the EU institutions


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Context and content

More and more EU information is only made available on the web. However, web content has a short lifespan and web technologies evolve quickly, which means that this information is at risk of getting lost, e.g. when websites are taken offline.

To remedy this situation, the Historical Archives of the EU and the Publications Office started to create a web archive, known as EUWA, in 2013. The archive mainly contains the websites of EU institutions and agencies, most of which are hosted on the europa.eu domain.

The archive reflects the websites’ content and design as they were at a given time in the past. Thanks to this, information provided by EU institutions on their websites will always be available, even if the original site or page has disappeared.


How does it work?

Websites are archived four times a year by using the web crawler Heritrix. The crawler visits and explores the selected websites by following hyperlinks — much like a human user would — and copies the pages and files it comes across.

Users can navigate the archived sites like a live website. However, archiving with a crawler has some technical limitations and as a result certain features may not work, including the following:

  • the original website’s built-in search;
  • content that can only be reached after logging in;
  • certain navigational elements, e.g. drop-down menus, tick boxes and some maps;
  • flash animations and games, streaming media and embedded social media;
  • complex JavaScript;
  • POST functionality.

Users are redirected to the live website when archived sites contain links to an external website.


Legal information

© European Union, 2017

Most of the archived content of the websites that are accessible in the EUWA is under EU (or EU institutions, agencies or bodies) copyright. Unless otherwise stated, you may freely reproduce material obtained from the EUWA.

This general principle can be subject to conditions which may be specified in individual copyright notices. Therefore, users are advised to refer to the copyright notices on individual websites that are accessible through the EUWA as well as in individual documents.

This general authorisation does not apply to photographs, videos or other material subject to intellectual property rights of third parties (non-EU). In such cases, permission to use the material must be sought directly from the copyright holders.

All logos and trademarks are excluded from the abovementioned permission.

Any queries regarding the above should be addressed to the email [email protected].


Find out more

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To navigate through the web archive by institution, body or agency, click on the links below. To search in the archive, go to https://publications.europa.eu/en/web/web-tools/euwebarchive/



Page last updated on 30 August 2019