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Fines: An Overview

Fines are charged for overdue books:

  • A borrowed book is due to be returned to the Library by a given date (known as the Due Date) which is set by the library system when the book is borrowed
  • Once the due date has passed the Library system automatically calculates a fine for every working day the book is overdue at the rate of €0.50 per day per item
  • If a book is returned within 6 working days (known as the Grace Period) of the due date, the fine will not be charged to the user
  • Once the Grace Period has passed, the fine will be calculated from the first day a book was overdue and the total amount charged to the user's Library account
  • If the user fails to return a book within 14 days of the due date, they will be suspended from Library services and the amount of the fine will be increased to €1 per day per book
  • If the user fails to return a book within 1 month of the original due date, they will be automatically billed for the default cost of replacing the book irrespective of whether the book is returned or not after that date
  • If the user fails to pay for a billed book within one month of the billing date, the Library reserves the right to notify the Institute's authorities
  • Returning a book for which the user has already been billed but before the passing of another working month can help avoid paying the actual costs of replacing a book if the Library has not already started the replacement process (which it may do immediately after default billing if the book is urgently needed)

Fines not charged

Fines are not charged for days the EUI is closed.


Users' Responsibility

It is the responsibility of library users to monitor their loans and the dates they are due back by checking their personal library accounts View your loan record (library barcode needed).


Reminder messages

Users will also receive e-mails from the Library reminding them that:

  • the book is about to become overdue (sent three days before the due date. Not available for overnight loans);
  • the book is overdue and should be returned as soon as possible to avoid a fine (sent the day after the book was due back);
  • the book will shortly exceed the Grace Period and will be subject to a fine when returned (sent six days after the book was due);
  • the book is seriously overdue: the user is suspended from borrowing activity and the fine rate will be increased (sent fourteen days after the book was due);
  • the user is about to billed for the replacement cost of the book (sent one month after the book was due back);
  • the user is being billed for the default replacement cost of the book and may be further billed for the real replacement or historic cost of the book (sent the next day);
  • the user is being billed for the real replacement or historic cost of the book.


Users returning their books on time will only ever receive the first courtesy reminder sent three days before a book falls overdue.

Users will not be suspended from borrowing activities until their total accumulated fines exceed a given threshold which is currently set at €50.

Irrespective of these communications, users are required to monitor regularly their own loan records particularly when they have borrowed or returned books and before any absences from the EUI. Any perceived inaccuracies in a loan record should be reported promptly to the Library. In the event of a book still registered on loan being found on the library shelves, the user will be liable for any fines incurred up to the date the discrepancy was notified.

Please note that this Overview uses the example of a normal library book issued on loan for one month.

The EUI Library makes available to its users many different types of documents and items: Overnight Loans, Inter-Library Loans, Working Papers, Software CDs, Locker Keys, etc. which are subject to different loan rules and a different regime of fines if returned late.

Page last updated on 19 August 2017