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FAQs about the Catalogue

Yes. The Catalogue is freely accessible on the Internet.
The Catalogue contains bibliographic descriptions of books, journals, e-journals, working papers, e-working papers, theses and licensed or free digital resources.
Although the Catalogue interface language is English, users obviously can search for titles or words in any language. But searching a subject heading is possible only in English.
Records saved from the catalogue may be sent to an e-mail address or downloaded by using the 'Export' option.
These are different locations used in the catalogue to identify the broader physical location of an item.
No. The Catalogue contains newspaper and periodical titles, but journal article titles (or authors) are not searcheable from the Catalogue. For that purpose, it is necessary to consult Articles+ 
There is a current display of periodicals as well as a new books area where the most recently arrived material may be consulted. The Library also provides a monthly list of monograph and working paper acquisitions.
In addition to the Catalogue, there is a series of journal listings which are available on the web. They are organised alphabetically, by subject and by database provider.



Page last updated on 19 August 2017