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50 Jahre Deutsche Mark


Data description

50 Jahre Deutsche Mark (50 Years of the Deutsche Mark) is a CD-rom database of 25,000 time series from the Deutsche Bundesbank, covering monetary policy, banking and capital markets from 1948 to 1997.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Deutsche Mark (June, 1998) the Bundesbank released time series data on five decades of German domestic and external monetary policy. The CD-rom is accompanied by the printed volume Fünfzig Jahre Deutsche Mark (Badia Library shelfmark 332.110943 DEU) covering trends in monetary and banking systems, capital markets and external relations.

Euro coverage is available via the ECB Statistical Data Warehouse. The ECB provides data on Euro area monetary policy, financial stability and the activities of the ECB and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). The ECB maintains a visualisation tool - Our Statistics - to facilitate the comparison, analysis and downloading of Euro area and member state statistical data.


Time period


Support links

Further details about monetary statistics are available on the website of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank.

The 'Fünfzig Jahre Deutsche Mark' user manual is accessible via the Help menu of the CD-rom.


How to access data

Request the free-standing CD-rom at the Badia Library issue desk. 

The CD-rom contains both read-only tables ('tabelle links' and 'tabelle rechts') and - in a separate section - time series data in tabular format ('zeitreihe'). These series can be exported in .cvs or Excel formats.


Data homepage

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