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Data description

CCPThe Constitute project database (University of Illinois Cline Center for Democracy) provides observations on the formal characteristics of written constitutions of independent states.

Constitute, is coordinated at the University of Texas and the University of Chicago, and hosted by the University of Illinois. "The intent of the project is to investigate the sources and consequences of constitutional choices. Towards this end, the investigators are collecting data on the formal characteristics of written constitutions, both current and historical."


Time period

Data is available for most independent states from 1789 to present.


Support links


How to access data

Access via the Constitute homepage.

The database can be used to compare text and browse by country or constitutional topic.

The CCP database has three dimensions: Time, Countries and Constitutional Events.

The CCP database includes:

  • A chronology of constitutional events
  • Texts
  • Characteristics of national constitutions.

Data and documentation in .dta, .txt and .pdf formats are in zipped dossiers.

Users of CCP data may also be interested in these related resources:

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Data homepage

Contact: Thomas Bourke at [email protected]



Page last updated on 27 April 2021

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