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Council of Europe Research Guide

Council of EuropeThe Council of Europe (CoE) is an international organisation which comprises  47 countries of Europe, including all the EU member states. Created in 1949, it was set up to promote democracy and protect human rights and the rule of law in Europe (Discover the Council of Europe in brief). The CoE's official languages are French and English.

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The CoE's publishing office produces works in the field of:

  • Human rights and international law (constitutional law, criminal law, family law, labour law, etc.)
  • Human and social sciences, including health, social affairs, bioethics, education, culture, youth, sport, architectural heritage and environment 


Access to Council of Europe documents and declassification

The Council of Europe documents (Court judgments, adopted texts, etc.) are available online via general repositories and databases.

Note that, not all documents  available at the Council of Europe are public.

The rules and regulations concerning their access are presented under Access to Council of Europe documents. Find out more

Council of Europe collection in the EUI Library 

1. The CoE collection in the EUI Library includes:

2. How to find the CoE publications and documentation in the EUI Library?    

Council of Europe Classiffication and Shelf Numbers  in the EUI Library




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