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Database provides theses descriptions. Where necesary it also supplies a full text of more than 5000 French theses discussed in France since 2006.

Provides data and documentation on the development of trade unions in major West European countries and at the European level. Three main aspects are covered: organizational history, membership and density.

[Ed. by] Eltis, David, Behrendt, Stephen, Richardson, David, Klein, Herbert S., Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1999. "The CD-ROM contains records of 27,233 trans-Atlantic slave ship voyages made between 1595 and 1866. Format allows users to track information by time period and geographic region, and includes interactive maps that allow viewers to chart the trans-Atlantic connections. The accompanying data contains materials about people on board, owners and captains, ships' characteristics, and the geographic trajectory of each voyage." (A stand alone CDROM.)


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