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History Classification - Subject sub-division under country/period level

Our Library introduced a specific in-house subject sub-division in order to complete the Dewey Decimal Classification for history.

The following broad subject groupings are used throughout all the historical collection when a specific topic is clearly made evident in the book.

Capital letters are defining broader subject sub-division in order to collect better historical books physically into the historical collection and their shelves.

In the future, other categories may be introduced to suit better the needs of our historical collection and the trends in the ongoing researches in the department.

The numerical Dewey is followed by capital letters.

A book dealing with the political history of the fascist regime in Italy will then be classified as followed: 945.091-P


A - Historical Anthropology
B - Business History
C - Cultural history
D - Demographic history
E - Educational history
F - Financial history
G - Religious history
J - Social history
L - Legal History
P - Political history
Q - Diplomatic history
S - Economic history
(As for example for the "Statistical collection" DEW 900212-S)
R - Rural History
U - Urban history
X - Administrative and governmental
M - Military
T - History of Technology and Sciences
W - Women and Gender history

Page last updated on 07 October 2020

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