History Classification - Country/period arrangement

Every country has a set of period sub-divisions related to the significant historical chronology of the country. You'll find here only Italy as an example of those sub-divisions. All other countries follow the same pattern of period arrangement. In general the use of those geographical arrangements are limited for all countries to the first level of the "country/period" arrangement.

Italian History: Dewey number 945

945.01 Gothic and Lumbar Kingdoms
945.02 Frankish rule, 774-962
945.03 German emperors, 962-1122
945.04 12th and 13th centuries, 1122-1300
945.05 Renaissance period, 1300-1494
945.06 Period of European aggression, 1494-1796
945.07 Spanish and Austrian domination, 1527-1796
945.08 Growth of nationalism, 1796-1870
945.09 Unified Kingdom, Fascist regime, Republic, 1870-
945.091 Fascist regime, 1922-1943
945.092 Republic, 1946
Each country also has a regional breakdown which are not used in our historical collection and in our empirical use of the 21st Dewey Decimal Classification System.

Regional divisions for Italy

945.1 Piedmont region
9451.1 Val d'Aosta
945.2 Lombardy
945.3 Veneto
945.4 Emilia Romagna
945.5 Tuscany
945.6 Central Italy and Vatican City
945.7 Southern Italy
945.8 Sicily
945.9 Sardinia

This sub-division extends also to province or county level, e.g.

945.5 Tuscany
945.51 Firenze
945.52 Pistoia, etc.

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