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Acquisitions Policy

The acquisition policy for History & Civilization is shaped by the following criteria:

  • Current and planned research projects in the Department. Suggestions are submitted by all members of the Department and processed by the History Information Specialist.
  • Individual research needs of academic staff, fellows and researchers. Suggestions are discussed directly with the History Information Specialist who orders the material if accepted. Other ways to access a document are sometimes offered as an alternative to acquisition. 
  • The EUI library as a European academic library in the field of History and the Humanities (Civilisation), is focusing on European History as a whole and on the History of single European Nations from the Renaissance to the Present and on the relations between Europe and the wider world. Acquisitions policy, selection of material and collection development are made by the History Information Specialist.
  • Multicultural and multilingual collection. Material is normally acquired in the original language of publication although this is not a hard and fast rule especially when the original is out of print or when a translation is explicitly needed for teaching and seminar purposes.
  • See also the Collection Profile and the Geographical and Chronological Coverage 

The acquisitions policy focusses on the following types of material:

  • Reference tools & bibliographies printed and online
  • Important historical monographs printed and online
  • Source materials in all formats online if possible (see EHPS
  • Journals & Working Papers printed and online
  • Microfilms & Microfiches when other formats are not available
  • CD-Rom - DVD when online databases are not accessible
  • Statistics printed and online
  • Digital libraries and  databases on the internet when dealing with scholarly materials


Page last updated on 20 August 2017