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Collection Profile

  • The EUI library is a "young" library and the collection has been built up since the late 1970s. Old books are not available in our collection if they are not accessible as e-book or, in print, as a gift to the EUI library.
  • The history core collection is multi-cultural (humanities) and multilingual in the field of European historiography and national historiography. An important challenge the library is facing today is the need to develop a language collection for the new countries which joined the EU and sometimes also the EUI, in the 21st century.
  • Books are generally purchased in single copies and in the original language of publication. English translations are purchased for seminar and collective research activities purposes.
  • Books, Journals and online materials cover European history and the relation between Europe and the world from the Renaissance and the Early Modern Times to the present day. Earlier periods of history (prehistory, ancient history and medieval history) are not covered by an EUI library collection development policy.

Types of documents and areas covered

  • European History and historiography of Europe
  • Language dictionaries and main encyclopedias
  • Annual history bibliographies and subject bibliographies
  • Some national European daily newspapers, 1945-
  • History statistics and censuses of population
  • European and US diplomatic documents
  • "In language" journal's databases and bibliographies if available in electronic format
  • Main national histories
  • Accessible "in language" historiography monographs if dealing with the department profile, research's projects and interests
  • Main national, European and worldwide academic journals (and e-journals) in the field of history of European countries and Europe

Page last updated on 20 August 2017